The Incomparable Christ

Đề cương: An eloquent description of Christ -- where He came from; His remarkable birth and life and power. Uses contrasts to emphasize the uniqueness of Christ.

Số kịch bản:295
ngôn ngữ:English
Chủ đề:Incarnation; Saviour of Sinful Men; Life of Christ; Humility
Khán giả:General
Kiểu dáng:Monolog
Thể loại:Bible Stories & Teac
Sự tinh tế:Sophisticated
Mục đích:Evangelism
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Kịch bản

Let me tell you of the incomparable Jesus Christ. Look what He did for us. He clothed Himself in human flesh so that we could be clothed in His divine nature. He became the son of man so that we could be the sons of God. He came down from heaven where the rivers never freeze, where the storm does not penetrate, where the hail does not destroy, and the flowers never wither. You do not need to telephone the doctors about sickness, because sickness doesn't exist there. In heaven there are no grave diggers or cemeteries, because death does not penetrate there.

The birth of Jesus was contrary to the laws of nature. Jesus was raised in poverty. He lived in humility. As an adult He had no place to lay His head. He never entered a university. His parents were inconspicuous and without social or political recognition. His father was always a carpenter.

In His infancy, Jesus was a threat to King Herod the Great. At 12 years of age He questioned and confused the doctors of the law. In His weakness, He moved the course of nature. He cured the multitudes without need of medicine and didn't need payment for His work. He never crossed the border of His little country except once when He was a child. Jesus never wrote a book, but still all the bookstores which exist today could not hold the books that have been written about this divine person. He never composed a song. Nonetheless He has had more songs sung in His name than all the popular songs. He never founded a school, but His disciples are more numerous than all the students in all the institutes of learning of all the world. He never entered a medical school, but He has nevertheless healed more broken hearts and bodies than all the doctors in all times. He never commanded an army, never trained a soldier, never fired a shot; still, no leader in this world has gathered to him as many volunteers as are under Christ's command. No power in this world can conquer His army. The rebellious surrender without firing one shot (without a struggle.)

Yes, this is our adorable Jesus Christ, Who saved us, and Who also saves you, friend, if you love Him with all your heart and all your soul and your understanding. Receive Him as your Saviour, and you will experience the joy of eternal life.