Thousands of players for Africa

Thousands of players for Africa

இந்த பக்கம் தமிழில் கிடைக்கவில்லை.

MegaVoice have sent thousands of solar-powered audio Bibles to the conflict-stricken parts of Northern Mozambique and an unprecedented 4280 audio Bibles were delivered to Tanzania. By the grace of God, even during the panedemic they have been able to do what they love, distributing solar-powered audio Bibles.

During October Linda and Johan converted a hotel room in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania into a temporary MegaVoice Media Center. They achieved the seemingly impossible when they programmed 4000 audio Bibles within 10 days, using GRN's SaberCopy software. Three laptops were used, each copying to a dozen players at once.

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