Can God Forgive Sin? (monolog)

Balangkas: Justice cannot be ignored by God. Someone must pay the penalty for sin. Christ's death on the cross was the payment for our sins. Confession and turning from sin, believing on Jesus and His atonement-- these bring forgiveness and new life. Then we must forgive others. Parable of unforgiving servant.

Bilang ng Talata:474
Tema:Sacrifice / Atonement; Peace with God; Forgiveness; Debt / payment for sin
Klase:Bible Stories & Teac
Antas ng kaalaman:General
Layunin:Evangelism; Teaching
Kawikaan mula sa Bibliya:Extensive

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Can God Forgive Sin? (monolog)

My friends, the Bible tells us that God is perfectly good and righteous. He is holy. He made the world and has the right to tell us how He wants us to live in it.

The Bible also tells us that all have sinned. Everyone has broken the law of God, and has not lived up to His standards. True goodness cannot come out of a heart that is filled with sin. Can sweet water come out of a bitter well?

And God is completely just. He does not look at sin lightly. He will not overlook sin. There is a price to be paid for breaking His commandments.

Suppose someone steals money from you. He is caught and taken before the judge. According to justice, he will have to go to jail. But you want to be merciful. If you offered to go to jail in the place of this man, then he could go free. He could be forgiven and you would bear his penalty for him. This is the true meaning of forgiveness. Someone pays the price so that the offender can be forgiven.

God did make a way for us to be free from the guilt of sin. We can know that God will not punish us. God Himself paid the price of our sin. The Bible says, “The punishment for sin is death.” God sent His Son Jesus to this earth. Jesus lived a sinless, innocent life, but He died on a cross to take the punishment that we deserved on Himself. He gave his own life to pay for our sins. Doing this, He made a way for us to be forgiven.

Jesus is the only sacrifice for the sin of man. If you want to know God’s forgiveness, you must confess your sin to God and turn away from it. Believe that the Lord Jesus paid the punishment for your sins. Ask the Lord to come into your heart and life. If you do this, God will forgive you. You will have peace with God.

When Jesus was living on this earth, He told us a story about forgiveness, in Matthew 18. He said, “The kingdom of heaven is like a king, who went over his accounts with his servants. And one came to him who was in his debt for ten thousand talents. And because he was not able to pay, the king gave orders for him, and his wife, and his children, and all he owned, to be sold for money, and payment to be made. So the servant fell down in front of him and implored him, saying, ‘Lord, give me time to make payment and I will give you all.’ And the king, with pity, let him go, and made him free of the debt. But that servant went out, and met one of the other servants, who was in debt to him for only one hundred pennies. He grabbed him by the throat, saying, ‘Pay me your debt!’ So that servant went down on his face, imploring him and saying, ‘Give me time and I will pay you.’ And he would not: but went and put him into prison till he had paid the debt. So when the other servants saw what was done, they were very sad, and came and told their lord what had been done.
Then the king sent for him and said, ‘You evil servant; I made you free of all that debt, because of your request to me! Was it not right for you to have mercy on the other servant, even as I had mercy on you?’

And the king was very angry, and put him in the hands of those who would punish him until he paid all the debt that he had owed the king.
So will my Father in heaven do to you, if each of you does not, from your hearts, give forgiveness to his brother.”

Jesus told this story so that we would understand that when God forgives us, as believers now we also have to forgive other people who do bad things to us. We might not have the ability to forgive them. Just as we have to trust in Jesus to be forgiven, we also have to trust in Jesus to give us a heart to be able to forgive.

based on script 289
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