Thông tin về Lesotho

Region:Châu Phi
Area (sq km):30,355
FIPS Country Code:LT
ISO Country Code:LS
GRN Office:

Map of Lesotho

Map of Lesotho

Ngôn ngữ và khẩu ngữ được nói băng Lesotho

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English: Southern Africa [South Africa, Gauteng] [eng]

Sesotho [South Africa, Eastern Cape] - ISO Language [sot]

Xhosa [South Africa, Eastern Cape] - ISO Language [xho]

Zulu [South Africa, KwaZulu/Natal] - ISO Language [zul]

Những hội nhóm ở Lesotho

Afrikaner; Anglo-South African; Coloured; Deaf; French; Phuthi; Sotho; Sotho-Taung; South Asian, general; Xhosa; Zulu;

Thông tin về Lesotho

Lesotho - Roof of the World Project - Provide the resources for evangelists to reach people living in the Drakensberg Mountains, known as the 'Roof of the World', the highest place above sea level in Southern Africa.