GRN Southern Africa

Suportahan ang bagbabahagi ng Magandang Balita sa Venda, Botswana at Namibia. Basahin ang Iba pa

Ang iyong abuloy ay makakatulong na madala ang Magandang Balita tungkul sa Diyos sa mga matatanda at may kapansanan sa mata. Basahin ang Iba pa

Makibahagi sa pagbibigay ng magandang balita ng pag ibig ng Diyos sa mga tao sa mga Bundok ng Drakensberg. Basahin ang Iba pa

GNM Pang-Linggong gamit na aralin batay sa GRN serye ng mga larawan. Basahin ang Iba pa

Ang iyong abuloy ay makakatulong sa mga Ebanghelista na umabot sa kumunidad sa Malawi. Basahin ang Iba pa

GRN Southern Africa

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Purpose, Objectives & Corporate Existence

2.1 The sole purpose of GRNSA is to conduct a public benefit organization registered as a nonprofit organization/company and approved as such by the South African Revenue Services (SARS) and the Directorate for Nonprofit Organisations.

2.2 The principal objectives of GRNSA are to carry on one or more public benefit activities as defined in section 30(1) of the Income Tax Act (the Act), in a nonprofit manner and with an altruistic or philanthropic intent. These are:

  • We prepare and provide the message of the Bible and other appropriate educational content in a relevant way through multi-media in the vernacular of every Southern African, especially those who are oral learners. This includes preparing and providing educational multi-media programmes relating to HIV and AIDS. It also includes the development, preparation and provision of educational multi-media programmes relating to the abandoned, abused, neglected, orphaned, homeless or any traumatized persons, families and households in distress, and particularly also children in distress;
  • We keep and update a database of all Southern African language and people groups, research and update such database on a continual basis to ensure effective audiovisual productions in the languages and for the people groups that need such aid most.
  • We provide Education and Development in all the languages of Southern Africa (the current vision of GRNSA); and
  • We Research and Develop teaching materials according to the needs of the people of Southern Africa (the current mission statement of GRNSA.)

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Please email us for any inquiries about languages recorded, current projects or more information about GRN materials that you can use.

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