Khoe and San Language Project

Your donation will assist in bringing the good news about God
to the Khoe and San peoples

Ang pahinang ito ay hindi magagamit sa Tagalog.

GRNSA is partnering with Seed Company and the Bible Society of Namibia to get Oral Scripture Sets translated orally and recorded into a few San languages of Namibia and Botswana.

SEED Company together with the Bible Society in Namibia are responsible for the translation side.

GRNSA is responsible to see that the teams are technically equipped and trained to produce recorded translations which are according to industry standards.

Furthermore, if the correct techniques are thought, teams are able to avoid difference in sound and ambiance if a re-recording of a portion has to be re-recorded and the re-recorded part spliced in to replace the faulty bit

Phase 3 in the recording plan of the San translation project is currently underway.

Languages completed are:

  1. ǃXóõ
  2. //Gana and /Gwi
  3. Naro, although they want to start to translate more of our Bible-based bridge materials.
  4. !Kung-Mangetti Dune (it is still uncertain if the right role players could become involved to continue translating in this language)

Languages actively being translated (phase 3):

  1. Ju/'hoansi for Tsumkwe and Shakawe
  2. Gobabis Ju/'hoansi (Omaheke region)
  3. Then our field partners are looking at Hai//om and Nama & Damara, but specifically Hai//om, to start a more appropriate translation.

During March 2018 GRNSA conducted a recordist training workshop for the teams working on the Phase 1 and mostly Phase 2 recordings.

Towards the end of phase 2 we saw a change of available field team members. Therefore, during December 2022 GRNSA conducted another recordist training workshop in Namibia, which served as a refresher course for the "old hands", but it was brand new for the new recruits. This time around we followed a more practical 2-day-per-team approach - see detailed article here.

Processing and Archiving of All Final Recordings

GRNSA has also signed an agreement with our field partners to serve as a repository for these master recordings We first process and final mix these recordings/translations after which we archive these and ingest them to become available via our app for end-urders with smartphones.

Additionally on the distribution side:

We have tested now for the first time two Lightstream pockets serving as download hubs in the field from which by passers may download content onto your cell phone without needing data. They seem to be working well and we've had requests for at least 2-3 more of these devices. 2ndly we're trying out a newer, more affordable, solar-driven mp3 playback device to see how it will endure the dusty conditions of Botswana and Namibia. It seems to be the best way to ensure Bible engagement - by providing the people with hardware playback devices preloaded with the Bible and Bible teaching content.

These playback device cost R275/unit or US$27.

GRNSA wants to continue to do what we do best: To be a service ministry helping to equip field partners and oral learning communities in the field in order to enhance and maximise their efforts.

You can help us to continue our technical support role on this project, and also on the distribution side, to process all the produced recordings and make these availbale via our app for those who may have cellphones.

For the rest, you can also help us to strategically place one or more hardcopy audio Bibles in an oral learning habitat, and that even in the remotest parts of the Kalahari desert.

Donate Khoe and San

If the Lord leads you to contribute towards this project, you may make a donation here, designating your gift 'Khoe and San Language Project'.

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