Hike / Bushwalk for Tumi Tiger

Ang pahinang ito ay hindi magagamit sa Tagalog.

Laetitia Roux has been a faithful friend of the ministry.

She's always had a soft spot for our Tumi Tiger and everything Tumi stands for.

Now she and Léan, her son, want to do the Tankwa Camino trail in the Tankwa Karoo (South Africa's Outback).

Tumi is going with! As they want to raise awareness about Tumi's ministry as far as they will make it.

They're asking friends and family to sponsor each kilometer they walk with Tumi.

The money raised will be used exclusively to sponsor a Tumi for a child in need.

The Tankwa Camino take participants through the vast region of the Tankwa Karoo, on the longest gravel road in South Africa.

The Tankwa Camino Travelling Distance is: 256,6 km

Start: 1 September 2023 at Calvinia

  1. Calvinia Village (22,5 km)
  2. Boskloof (28,2 km)
  3. Kleinbrak (27,2 km)
  4. Witkloof (26,3 km)
  5. Onder-Stompiesfontein (28,3 km)
  6. Witwalle (29,1 km)
  7. Grootdam (27,3 km)
  8. Beukesfontein (21,3 km)
  9. Karoopoort (31,4 km)
  10. Rhodona (15 km)

End: 10 September 2023 at Ceres

Cell phone signal in this remote part is limited, but they will post updates and pictures on their progress as signal allows it. Watch this space!

I want to sponsor Laetitia and / or Léan.

  • R1/km (R256 or 20 AUD towards a Tumi) on completion
  • R2/km (R512 or 40 AUD towards a Tumi) on completion
  • 1x Tumi (R680 or 50 AUD) on completion
  • R5/km (R1,280 or 100 AUD) - on completion of the route

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