Mexico, Culiacan: A Divine Appointment

Mexico, Culiacan: A Divine Appointment

Ang pahinang ito ay hindi magagamit sa Tagalog.

Workers giving out evangelism tapes to the migrant laborers in the camps at Culiacan

Robert Bloemendaal walked around the small village in southern Mexico. He was carrying his recording equipment and looking for someone who spoke both Spanish and their dialect of a Mixtec language. People pointed him to a humble house and told him it was the best place to go. He knocked and called out "Buenas Dias!"

A lady came to the door and Robert began explaining that he wished to find someone willing to help him record Bible stories. As he talked, he could see her eyes light up in amazement. She excused herself and came back in a few minutes with a tape. He could tell right away that it was a GRN tape. But how did she come to have it in her home?

The lady explained that two years before, she and her family had been working in a migrant camp in Culiacan, Mexico - a town about a thousand miles from their home. One evening a team came to the camp offering a cassette to each family. First they asked her what district she was from. Then they played a short message in several Mixtec dialects. (She didn't know that there were recordings in sixty-four of those dialects.) After several tries she said: "Esa es mi idioma!" ("That is my language!")

One of the team members hurried away and soon came back with a cassette which he presented to her. This was the first time she had received a recording in her very own heart language. She played it over and over listening intently to the Bible stories and teachings. Moved by the message, she accepted Jesus as her savior. When her husband and son came back from the fields she played the messages to them and they both asked Jesus to be their Savior.

Soon the harvesting was over, and the family moved back to their village. There was no church for them to attend and no other Christians in the village. All they had was the tape from GRN.

Robert listened in fascination as the lady brought him up to the present. Things were bad in their village. There was no work. There was no rain to water their meager crops. And now both her husband and son were ill. What could they do? She told Robert what they did. Before he knocked on that door in that small village, the family had prayed to the Lord and asked Him to send someone along to help and encourage them!

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