Jon and Clair Rulison

Ang pahinang ito ay hindi magagamit sa Tagalog.

Hi Everyone. We are Jon & Clair Rulison. We'd like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves.

From Jon:

I serve GRN as Global Ministry Coordinator of Recording Team Training. I'm also part of GRN Thailand's team. As Chairman of Sounds of Language Foundation, I help GRNT to function legally in Thailand. I assist the GRNT Leader, Lot, with documents in English, participate in Motorcycle Gospel Team trips with Lot & Boy, and help the Thailand recording team with their work.

I was born in Northern Thailand, where my parents were missionaries with OMF to the Hmong people. I learned about Jesus from a young age, but truly became His follower in 1975 when I surrendered my life to Him, as my Lord and my God. After high school, I went to Bible school for three years at the Evangelical Institute of Greenville, South Carolina, which helped prepare me for the many challenges I would meet in missionary service. From 1980-91 I served as a recordist under GRN USA in Nepal and other countries. In 1991 I met my wife Clair and we have shared many adventures as husband and wife, father and mother, and members of GRN. We have two wonderful children by birth - Brook and Forest, and two terrific additions by marriage - Paul and Lauren. Both couples live in the USA.

From Clair:

I develop and carry out training for GRN recording teams. How can we create messages that answer the questions and longings of people's hearts, in the midst of their unique cultures and worldviews? This challenge fuels my research and preparation to train members of our ministry.

My wandering life as a military kid helped prepare me for years of travel after Jon and I married. Many adventures and blessings followed. Both our children had lots of stamps in their passports before they were old enough to go to school. Then we had the privilege of home schooling them, which helped us build the good relationship we enjoy with them today. We're very thankful that their fine spouses are part of our family now.

I love nature, creating beautiful spaces, exploring, discovering, learning and teaching. I'm deeply concerned about the state of our nation, the United States, and pray that I can contribute in some way to helping our children and their children to have a wholesome, thriving place to live and grow. My greatest desire is to know God richly, be transformed by Him, and draw others to Him.

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