Words About Heaven

เค้าโครง: Very simple statements about God's "good place" and the bad place. Sinners can't go to heaven, but Jesus can save sinners. Because of His death and resurrection He has power to take away sin.

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หัวข้อ:Hell; Death; Heaven
ประเภท:Messages and Fiction


Introduction: Commence with wailing from the tribal group. (5-8 sec.)

1: Ai! Yu harim ol manmeri long ples? Ol i krai i stap! (wailing - 5 sec.)

2: Yes, wanpela bikpela man ((lapun)) i dai pinis.

1: Yu ting wanem, dewel bilong dispela man em i go we?

2: Mi no save. Yumi manmeri i no save lukim dewel i go we.

1: Yu bin harim gut tok bilong God, no nogat?

2: Mi bin harim liklik tasol long tok bilong God. Tasol mi no bin harim planti.

1: Buk bilong God i tok olsem: Taim ol manmeri i dai, dewel bilong ol i go long ples bilong ol daiman. Na i gat tupela ples i stap. Wanpela ples em i ples nogut tru. Em i ples bilong tudak.

2: Tru. Long dispela ples ol i pilim bikpela pen i no inap pinis, na ol manmeri i krai i stap.

1: (Olgeta dewel nogut na masalai i gat wanpela bosman, nem bilong em Setan). God bai i salim Setan na ol dewel nogut i go long dispela plea nogut. Ol nammeri i mekim pasin nogut, ol bai i go wantaim Setan long ples nogut.

2: Mi no laik i go long dispela ples nogut na stap wantaim Setan. Yu laik i go long ples nogut?

1: Nogat, mi tu mi no laik. Tasol wanpela arapela ples i stap. Em i gutpela ples tru. Em i ples bilong God.

2: Buk bilong God i tok olsem: Ol manmeri i bihainim Setan, ol i no inap i go long ples bilong God.

1: Harim! Ol manmeri bilong ples ol i krai gen. (Wailing - 5 sec.)

2: Yes, ol i bel hevi. Na ol i krai yet i stap. Tasol, long ples bilong God ol manmeri i no inap i dai moa, na ol kraikrai i pinis. Long ples bilong God ol i amamas tasol.

1: Yes, ples bilong God i gutpela tumas. (Tasol, ol manmeri i bihainim pasin nogut, ol i no inap i go long heven.)

2: Yes, em i tru.....Ey! Harim! Tupela man i tok kros na belhat! (Arguing - 5 sec.)

1: Aah! Tupela i kros long pik.

2: Tru, tupela i no gat amamas. Tasol, long ples bilong God ol manmeri i no inap kros, na ol i no mekim pasin bilong stil.

1: Long ples bilong God ol i not pret long wanpela samting.

2: Taim mi dai pinis, mi laik i go long dispela ples bilong God.

1: Tasol pren ((brada)) (( wantok)), ol manmeri i mekin pasin nogtuol i no inap i go dispela ples. Na buk bilong God i tol olsem: "Olgeta manmeri i bin mekin pasin nogut."

2: Tok bilong yu i tru, tasol mi bin harim wanpela gutpela tok. I gat wanpela man i stap, Em inap long tekewe ((rausim)) pasin nogut bilong yumi..

1: Yes, mi save nem bilong em, emi i Jisas. Jisas em i pikinini bilong God.

2: Tru. Jisas i no mekin wanpela samting nogut. Em id dai (long diwai dros) long baim ((kisim)) pasin nogut bilong yumi yet.

1: Em i tru. God i save lukin olgeta pasin nogut bilong yumi, na yumi gat rong long ai bilong God. God i tok olsem: manmeri i mekim pasin nogut, ol i mas i dai. Taim ol i dai pinis, ol bai i go long ples nogut ((ples paia)) na pilim planti pen. Tasol God i sori (( i gat gutpela tingting)) long yumi olgeta. Na em i no laik long yumi i go long dispela ples nogut. Olsem, em ((God i bin salim Jisas i kam long graun. Jisas i dai long diwai kros long baim ((kisim)) pasin nogut bilong yumi.

2: Taim Jisas i dai pinis, ol i planim em long hul bilong ston. Em i stap long matmat nau no nogat?

1: Nogat! Em i stap long matmat inap long tripela de tasol, na em i kirap gen. Long dispela samting, olaman, (bel bilong mi i kirap nogut na) mi tingting planti.

2: Aia! Strong bilong Kisas i bikpela moa!

1: Em i tru. I no gat wanpela man inap long mekim olsem, Jisas tasol. Jisas wanpela tasol i gat strong long tekewe pasin nogut bilong yumi.

(Possible finish here)

2: Pren ((brada)) (( wantok)), tok bilong yu i tru.

1: Yes, mi yet mi tingting gut long ((bihainim tol bilong)) Jisas ((kisim Jisas i kam long tingting bilong mi)). I gutpela samting sapos yumi bihainim Jisas olgeta de.

2: Sapos yumi bihainim tok bilong Jisas, long taim yumi dai, God bai i kisim yumi i go long gutpela ples bilong em. Buk bilong God i tol olsem.

1: Em i tru. God i no inap giamanim yumi. Dispela tol i gutpela tok tru.


(( )) indicates an alternative expression

( ) indicates that this section may be left out for reasons of difficulty in translation, or
inability to include within the time limit of the recording.