The Passover

เค้าโครง: Children of Israel put blood of a lamb on the doorposts and were saved from the death of the firstborn. Believe in Jesus the Lamb of God.

หัวข้อ:Deliverance; Salvation; Faith, trust, believe in Jesus; Judgement
ผู้ฟัง:Animist; General
ประเภท:Bible Stories & Teac

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HELLO, how are you? Don't be offended. I am going to tell you a story. This is the story of the Blood of the Lamb.

All the Israelites were in Egypt suffering under the hand of the king there. Then one day God wanted to save them, so that they could go to a place where they would be well off. And He announced to them: "Select a lamb that is good, and in the 14th of a month, kill it and put its blood on the two door posts and on the crossbar over the door. For on that night I will pass through the land, and kill all the first-born as a judgement upon this nation. But if you put the blood of the lamb on your doors, I will see the blood and will pass by you, and no one will die in your houses," God said to them. And this word spread, and the people of Israel believed what God had thus spoken to them, and they were glad that God would save them.

Then the 14th day arrived. And the Israelites did as God had commanded them. Every household killed one pure lamb, and put its blood on the door of their house. And they prepared themselves to leave the land of Egypt. Then came 10 o'clock, 11, 11:30, then it was 12 o'clock midnight. And all of a sudden the suffering came upon the whole land of Egypt.

And all the first-born died. And the king himself got up in the night, and saw that his first-born son had died. But nothing happened to the people of Israel, because they had obeyed God and He had save them. And they arose and left the land joyfully because they had been saved out of the hand of the king.

And as the people of Israel escaped by the Blood of the Lamb from the judgement, in the same way you can escape from the Judgement of God by the Blood of Jesus Christ--if you believe in Him.

Christ is the Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world. He spilled His Blood for you, and He died on the cross of Calvary. He will take away your sins and make your heart clean, if you so desire. But if your heart is not made pure, you can not enter into heaven. "He saves me, He saves me, He saves the man who believes."

Now you know that He will save you, if you want Him to. He saves anyone who believes: be it a man, a woman, a child, anyone who believes on Him. Believe in Him today and He will save you from Hell, and you will be able to sing with me.

"He saves me, He saves me, He saves the man who believes, He saves me."