Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission

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Our Vision

That people might hear and understand God's Word in their heart language, especially those who are oral communicators and those who do not have Scriptures in a form they can access.

Our Mission

In partnership with the church, to effectively communicate the Good News of Jesus Christ by means of culturally appropriate audio and audio-visual materials in every language.

  • While there is a people group with no effective, culturally appropriate form of Gospel communication, GRN will seek to provide an appropriate audio or audio-visual resource, no matter how small the language group.

  • What we believe - the GRN statement of faith.

  • GRN прилагает все усилия к тому, чтобы посредством аудиопрограмм эффективно доносить весть об Иисусе Христе всем людям на их родном языке.

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