unfoldingWord 13 - Apã Wachu djawu mẽwe Israel irõndy wywype

Outline: Exodus 19-34

Script Number: 1213

Language: Ache

Audience: General

Genre: Bible Stories & Teac

Purpose: Evangelism; Teaching

Bible Quotation: Paraphrase

Status: Approved

Scripts are basic guidelines for translation and recording into other languages. They should be adapted as necessary to make them understandable and relevant for each different culture and language. Some terms and concepts used may need more explanation or even be replaced or omitted completely.

Script Text

Gobu Apã Wachu Israel irõndy wywype matãmbu y wachu byche rupi, idjape matãma ra ka irõllã rupi kuãmbuku Sinai rekuaty. Go kuãmbukupe Moise wechã endawe djupikã endygi. Israel puagi wywy mĩma dja tapy we piredjiwa go kuãmbuku djawẽ.

Apã Wachu inama Moisepe, Israel irõndy wywype emi: „Pendje wendu gatubu, emi djapo gatubu cho djawu mẽwe, ekõwerã cho llapo kbegatuechegi, cho pa‘i wywy chidja llambaty, ekõwerã emi cho chupa kbegatugi.“

Go brewipychã krey wachabu, Israel puagi wywy kuchĩ gatubu idja eche, idja tyru, idja djã‘ã emi, Apã Wachu edjyma bu kuãmbuku Sinai llabu chono weradji, emi tachĩndji, mimby chidja roma emi. Moise etakrãpe rõ inambyre djopiwã kuãmbuku llabu.

Gobu Apã Wachu idjape mẽma dja djawu gatu. Go nonga inama: „Guei’i cho Jahwe, pendje Apã Wachu, pendje kuwẽaregi Egipto puare, ekõllãwã rekopytygi nonga. Pukaeme duwe apã nongagi wywype.“

„Djapoeme pendje apã chã nonga, pukaeme gogipe. Cho rõ Jahwe, pendje Apã tãechegi. Ka buãeme cho bykuapyre. Kua ga reko go djypetã kreybu, krey kbegatu eche nonga. Pendje bita ga reko wachapa kreybu. Go krey djypetã rõ bue djapoeme, pendje chodji kua rekowã go kreybu.”

"Dje apã djawu wendu gatu, emi dje ai'i djawu. Pychoeme pichape. Menoeme picha breko. Narõeme emi. Kainaeme. Reko djueme dje tapy djãwẽwagi breko, dja tapy, dja bue rekopawe wywy".

Gobu Apã Wachu parama go etakrãtapa djawu mirõ ita chepedji, mema emi Moisepe. Apã Wachu mema wyche tãrã djawu gatu, idja inawe nonga djapo gatuwã. Israel irõndy wywy wendu gatubu dja djawu wedjawe, djapo gatuwã, Apã Wachu dja djawu mema, kuwẽ gatuwãndjiwa, emi djepy gatuwã Israel irõndy wywype. Dja djawu wendu djuellãmbu, Apã Wachu idjape pacho puywerã.

Emi Apã Wachu kiu gatuma Israel irõndy wywype, mawe nonga djapo gatuwerã tapy wachu tyru wachudjiwa. Go rõ inambyty “noã endaty”. Go tapy rekoma mirõ djãwã bowopyre tyru pukudji. Pa’i ymachidjagi etãkrã rõ ikẽlluawã go djãwãpe tyru puku pychety, gope rõ Apã Wachu ekõandy.

Ache wywy Apã Wachu djawu djapollãregi, eruwerã we go we keĩ endaty djãwẽ noã endaty ruwa, keĩmbyrã Apã Wachupe. Etakrã pa’i we pychowerã, gobu keĩmba djonowerã we keĩ endaty llabu. We keĩmbyre pirã pechewerã ache bue buchã djapopawe. Go nonga dja djã adjullãwerã Apã Wachu chã ruwa. Apã Wachu prawoma Moise pawe Aaronpe, dja tay wywype emi, ekõwã dja pa’i nonga.

Israel wywy dja djawu mẽma, djapowerã Apã Wachu djawu membyre wywy, emi kmarãwerã Apã Wachu etakrãpe, dja chupa prawopyregi ekõwã. Dja djawu Apã Wachupe membu, tãrãllã ikẽ wachabu rõ, djãpã buchãma.

Tãrã ikẽ wachabu Moise ĩma kuãmbuku llabu, djawu rekowã Apã Wachudji. Warõ tarãmbu djepe Israel irõndy wywy, Moise ekõmbeche. Gobu Israel irõndy wywy praruma, warõ djuellãma. Go buare ita biri buchãngi rama Aaronpe, inama idjape djapowã apã chã nonga idja puarã!

Gobu Aaron djapoma achĩpurã memby ita biri buchãngidji. Kbe’e wywy, kudjã wywy emi pre chidja reko dja apã nonga chã ruwa, emi pychoma we idjape mewã! Gobu Apã Wachu gogi wywydji prandjã buchã roma. Bue buchã djapo buare, Apã Wachu djã djawuma, pacho djonowã gogi wywype. Moise puka roma Apã Wachupe, pachollãwã. Gobu Apã Wachu wendu gatu Moise pukawe, gogi wywype pachollãma.

Moise edjybu kuãmbuku llabuware, go apã chã nonga wechãmbu, prandjã buchãpe go ita chepe mirõngi ityma mondo, go rõ go etakrãtapa Apã Wachu djawu parapyre.

Gobu Moise apã nonga pacho, emi kuichopa mondo. Gobu kui’i ityma ype, Israel irõndy wywy tykuwã. Apã Wachu buema mondo bue buchã Israel irõndy wywy llabu, gobu tãrã go pua manoma.

Gobu Moise djapoma duwe mirõ ita chepe pou, parawã emi go etakrãtapa Apã Wachu djawu parapyre. Gobu djopima emi kuãmbuku llabu, pukama Apã Wachupe, Israel irõndy wywy bue buchã djapowedjiwa kuallãwã. Apã Wachu wendu gatuma Moise pukabu, gobu kuallãma Israel puagi wywy djãpãwe. Gobu Moise edjyma kuãmbuku llabuware, rama emi go etakrãtapa ita chepe pou llabu Apã Wachu djawu parapyre. Gobu Apã Wachu matãma ra Israel irõndy wywy kuãmbuku Sinai puare go ywy membyrãngi rekuaty.

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