Script Library - Spanish

Script Library - Spanish

Hierdie bladsy is tans nie beskikbaar in Afrikaans nie.

Global Recordings Network has recorded gospel messages and basic Bible teaching in more than 6000 languages and dialects. The recordings have been made from scripts selected from this list and other sources.

Skrips is basiese riglyne vir vertaling en opname in ander tale. Hulle moet so nodig aangepas word dat hulle verstaanbaar en relevant is vir elke verskillende kultuur en taal. Sommige terme en konsepte wat gebruik word, het moontlik meer verduideliking nodig of selfs heeltemal vervang of weggelaat word.

Scripts in Spanish

Aquí Jesús

(Behold Jesus) - Tells of Jesus' birth, life, miracles, trial, death, the meaning of His death, His resurrection, His power - power for the believer and hope of heaven.

Arrepentimiento y Juicio

(Repentance and Judgement) - Tells of God's judgment on Nineveh and its escape when the people repented. God's judgment will come on all who do not turn from evil. We cannot serve both Satan and God. God sees inside the heart. Turn to Jesus.

Atributos de Dios

(Attributes of God) - God is the Creator of everything. Who God is. God is not evil. God is always good. God is great, alive, all power, God can see and hear everything, He knows everything. God loves everyone.


(Barabbas) - Story of Barabbas dramatized. Compares him to the listener-- Jesus came and died to set us free, took our place just as He took Barabbas' place. Ends with sinner's prayer.

Buenas Nuevas de las Escrituras

(Good News Scripture Script) - This script is a transcription of C80536 and C80537. It follows the pattern for the Good News program but uses much direct Scripture from older Spanish Bible translations.

Cada Uno Debe Presentarse Delante de Dios

(Everyone Must Stand before God) - Focuses on the sinfulness of man and the holiness of God; His perfect holiness, mercy, justice. The day of judgment; escape from eternal death through Christ.

¿Conoces Tú a Dios?

(Do You Know God?) - Compares local beliefs and sacrifices with the truth. Simple question and answer discussion of worshipping local gods or spirits; Christ's coming to save us; sinful things that God hates; punishment for sin; joy of believing; freedom from other gods through the power of Christ. Adapts easily to local customs and beliefs. For those with no background of the Gospel.

De la Creación a Cristo

(From Creation to Christ) - Explanation of creation; wickedness of man; Abraham, the family who obeyed God; God's laws given; God's laws broken by all; Christ's death and resurrection; His preparing a place for His followers.

Después de Creer

(After Believing) - On recognising the enemy and resisting him. Need of living by God's word, avoiding evil, confessing sin and walking in obedience. Materialism a danger. Trials and suffering allowed to strengthen us.

Dios Odia el Pecado

(God's Hatred of Sin) - Refers to traditional tribal religious customs. "We did not know"the truth: peace from God; His words; His hatred of sin; Jesus' death in our place. Punishment great for those who refuse Jesus. Warning to Christians about going back to old ways. God does not let sin go unpunished. Good for areas where there are nominal Christians. Is both evangelistic and teaching.

Dios Puede Cambiar Nuestra Naturaleza Nueva

(God Can Change Our Nature) - About sin and the need of inner cleansing which is beyond our power. Illustration of a pig and its desire for mud, and a cat that wants to keep clean. They just are that way. They can't change themselves. We need Christ to change us and give us new natures. We can ask Him to do it for us and He will.

El Cristo Viviente

(The Living Christ) - A Survey of the Life of Christ for Evangelism and Basic Bible Teaching. Comes with a 120 picture set.

El Hijo Pródigo

(The Prodigal Son) - Story of the prodigal son dramatized, with application. Invitation and sinner's prayer. There are several versions of this; some have direct Scripture quotes; others paraphrase.

El Hombre Nuevo

(The New Man) - Tells of the power of Christ during His life on earth - healing, raising the dead, casting out demons. Jesus has power to help, transform our lives. His love, atonement, and power to deliver us from Satan's power. Applications needs strengthening. Similar to"Jesus the Mighty One", "Who is He?", and "Jesus Can Heal Your Soul."

El Padre de las Mentiras

(The Father of Lies) - First person testimony of a converted Central American witchdoctor; some of his customs and power in practice; his dialogue with Satan who tells him lies to keep him from becoming a Christian, Very culture-specific but sample of a powerfully effective testimony. Concludes with Christ's teaching about Satan as deceiver and murderer. Follow Christ, the Way, Truth and Life.

El Pecado Trajo Tinieblas

(Summary of Romans 1-8 (Part 1)) - Sin Brought Darkness. Summary of Romans 1-2.

El Regalo

(The Gift) - Father tells story of the pearl diver's son who died after finding a huge perfect pearl. Pearl diver offers it as a gift to Christian friend. Offer of payment refused --no price could compare with son's death. Christian compares it to God's gift of salvation which cost the life of His Son.

El Sembrador

(The Parable of the Sower) - Tells the parable in simple language; then gives the explanation of the meaning. Simple and straightforward.

En la Playa

(On the Beach) - Setting of the disciples fishing after the resurrection and the miracle of the large catch of fish. Mostly paraphrased scripture.- John 21:1-14 Emphasizes Christ's power and omniscience. See also "Jesus and the Fishermen."

Enseñen a Todas las Naciones

(Teach All Nations) - Begins with great commission then obedience to the commission. Paul and Silas in Philippi and the subsequent imprisonment, singing, earthquake and conversion of jailor. Acts 16:16-34. Challenge to witness and not be ashamed of the Gospel.


(Gehazi) - Story of Gehazi. "Be sure your sins will be revealed" is the emphasis. Speaker is supposed to repeat this with dramatic emphasis whenever it comes in the story. Application underlines the fact that punishment for sin always comes, whether in this life of afterwards. God will heal the leprosy of sin for those who repent.

Guión De Programa Cronologico con Enseñanzas Cristianas Fundamentales

(Chronological Series with Basic Christian Teaching) - Attributes of God. Creation. Adam and Eve. Noah. Abraham. Moses and Ten Commandments. Sacrifice for sin. The birth of Christ. His life and ministry. The death of Christ. The resurrection. The ascension. Call to commitment. The coming of the Holy Spirit. How Christians should live. Confession of sin. Prayer. Heaven and hell. Witnessing. The return of Christ. Are you ready if Christ should come today?

Hemonioi 1 & 2

Two testimonies about Hemonioi, he was from an island in the S. Pacific, from a tribe that were cannibals. Story 1 - how Hemonioi became a Christian and led many people to Christ. Story 2 - Hemonioi led four murderers in jail to Jesus. A hardened captain became a Christian because of the changed lives of the prisoners and Hemonioi's life.

Jesús el Poderoso

(Jesus, the Mighty One) - Sinful people bound by Satan; God's concern. Jesus' life on earth, His death and resurrection; victory over Satan and evil spirits. Illustration of Jesus' power. Invitation.

Jesús Es el Camino

(Summary of Romans 1-8 (Part 2)) - Jesus the Way. Summarizes Romans 3 & 4.


(Jonah) - The story of Jonah. Mark 16:16. John 3:16. For adults.

La Boda de Caná

(Wedding at Cana) - For Catholic Areas. Pre-supposes Catholic background and knowledge. Emphasizes Mary's instructions to the servants at the wedding, relating it to our attitude toward Christ--doing His commanda, praying, believing, obeying. Truth of "one mediator," faith in Christ alone, worshipping God only.

La Creación y Redención del Hombre

(Creation and Redemption of Man) - Introduces local belief of origin of man by a question. Biblical account of creation, fall and redemption follows. S.E. introduced as creation is mentioned. Simple invitation concludes.

La Familia Cristiana

(The Christian Family) - Practical advice from Bible. Men, seek Christian wives to love and help and talk and pray with. Wife challenged to diligence, teaching children, obedience, faithfulness, not gossiping, and helping the helpless. Parents to dedicate children to God, teach them to follow God, discipline them and teach them obedience.

La Luz Verdadera

(The True Light) - Refers to tribal laws, fears, customs briefly, and that they did not know God. Now the message has come. God is the creator of all. Explains about Satan and evil spirits. God's power and the ultimate end of Satan. Satan's deceptions. God's provision for man's redemption. Application and invitation.

La Persona del Espíritu Santo y Su Trabajo I

(The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit (Part 1)) - Part I: Thorough coverage of basic truths about the Holy Spirit: He is not a power, but a Person; He is God; He indwells Christians; convicts of sin; is the spirit of truth; illuminates and empowers Christians to do God's will and work. Part II: He gives gifts to Christians. (Gifts named) Does not give everyone the same work, but gives each the power to do God's will. Failing to obey grieves Him. The Holy Spirit causes "fruit" to grow in our lives. (Fruit is named)

La Persona del Espíritu Santo y Su Trabajo II

(The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit (Part 2)) - List of the gifts of the Spirit. The Holy Spirit will show us the work He has for us, we all have different work. Ask God to give us the power of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit wants to produce fruit in our lives. List of the fruits of the Spirit. True Christians will be filled with the Spirit and let our lights shine brightly for Christ.

Las Buenas Nuevas

(Good News) - Short Bible stories from Genesis through the ascension. How to become a follower of Jesus. 40 sections. It has a picture book to go along with the recording.

MIRE, ESCUCHE Y VIVA Libro 1: En el Principio con DIOS

(Look, Listen & Live 1: Beginning with GOD) - Adam, Noah, Job, Abraham. 24 sections. It has a picture book to go along with the recording.

MIRE, ESCUCHE Y VIVA Libro 2: Hombres Valientes de DIOS

(Look, Listen & Live 2: Mighty Men of GOD) - Jacob, Joseph, Moses. 24 sections. It has a picture book to go along with the recording.

MIRE, ESCUCHE Y VIVA Libro 3: Victoria a traves de DIOS

(Look, Listen & Live 3: Victory through GOD) - Joshua, Deborah, Gideon, Samson. 24 sections. It has a picture book to go along with the recording.

MIRE, ESCUCHE Y VIVA Libro 4: Siervos de DIOS

(Look, Listen & Live 4: Servants of GOD) - Ruth, Samuel, David, Elijah. 24 sections. It has a picture book to go along with the recording.

MIRE, ESCUCHE Y VIVA Libro 5: En Prueba Para DIOS

(Look, Listen & Live 5: On Trial for GOD) - Elisha, Daniel, Jonah, Nehemiah, Esther. 24 sections. It has a picture book to go along with the recording.

MIRE, ESCUCHE Y VIVA Libro 6: JESUS el Maestro

(Look, Listen & Live 6: JESUS - Teacher & Healer) - From Matthew and Mark. 24 sections. It has a picture book to go along with the recording.

MIRE, ESCUCHE Y VIVA Libro 7: JESUS el Señor y el Salvador

(Look, Listen & Live 7: JESUS - Lord & Saviour) - From Luke and John. 24 sections. It has a picture book to go along with the recording.

MIRE, ESCUCHE Y VIVA Libro 8: Hechos del Espíritu Santo

(Look, Listen & Live 8: Acts of the HOLY SPIRIT) - The Young Church and Paul. 24 sections. It has a picture book to go along with the recording.

¿Tienes Miedo?

(Freedom from Fear) - Questions directed to listeners re their fears. Tells of Jesus' power, His miracles, and who He is. His desire to free us from the power of Satan, witchcraft, etc. We must turn to Him, away from evil. With Jesus we are free from fears. Jesus is all powerful --- greater than Satan--- overcame death so we can have eternal life and happy future. Invitation. One of several of the same theme, but on different levels.

Tumi, El Tigre Hablante

(Tumi the Talking Tiger) - Este está diseñado como asesoramiento para confortar, dar ánimo y esperanza a los niños traumatizados. Los Segmentos son dirigidos principalmente para transmitir los valores cristianos a un niño, posiblemente un niño traumatizado. Cada segmento esta hecho como metodología de conversación i.e. Los 38 segmentos pueden dirigirse como unidad independiente. The script is © 2014 Claude Vosloo - Home of Creativity (Pledge: We turn your dreams into text that changes lives.)

Un Corazón Limpio

(A Clean Heart) - Refers to man's fear of death because of the fear of judgment. Man followed Satan and now it is his nature to sin. Refers to Muslims' concept of "good deeds", but points out that even a trip to Mecca does not change the person. Remedy: Christ, who is God, became man and became the sacrifice for sin. Believing and receiving forgiveness results in "good works". Fear of death leaves because sins are forgiven and heaven is certain.

Verwante inligting

Gratis aflaaie - Hier vind u al die belangrikste GRN boodskap skrips in verskeie tale, plus prente en ander verwante materiaal, wat beskikbaar is om af te laai.

Hulpbronne vir evangelisasie en Bybelonderrig - Global Recordings Network maak oudiomateriaal in duisende tale vir evangelisasie en basiese Bybelonderrig, saam met prenteboeke en oudiospelers wat met die hand opgewen word.

Geskrewe Bronne - Gratis aflaai van skrifte en ander verhaalgebaseerde geskrewe materiaal vir ESL, Sondagskool en basiese Bybelonderrig.

Copyright and Licensing - GRN shares it's audio, video and written scripts under Creative Commons