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Sounds of Language Foundation Thailand

The Vision of GRN is that people might hear and understand God's word in their heart language - especially those who are oral communicators and those who do not have Scriptures in a form they can access. We do this by producing culturally appropriate audio and audio-visual materials.

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Sounds of Language Foundation

124 Moo 9, Baan Buak Khrok Tai
T. Thawangtan A. Saraphi
Chiang Mai 50140 Thailand

Phone: 66-053-021-332



"Sounds of Language Foundation" Thailand, Prayer and News

Quarterly prayer and newsletter from Sounds of Language Foundation (GRN Thailand)


Letter from Lipe Island, South Thailand

No one listened with interest or understanding. But David Hogan kept sharing about Jesus.


Jon and Clair Rulison

Jon and Clair Rulison are staff members of Sounds of Language Foundation in Thailand.


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