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GRN / HELP Bangladesh

Language Recordings Int (GRN Bangladesh) makes the good news of Jesus Christ available to everyone in their own language.

A vital part of this ministry is HELP (Health, Education, Leadership Program) Bangladesh, which provides a school, health care, micro-credit program, vocational training, hostel and many other services. These benefit thousands of children and adults in the country.

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GRN Bangladesh

The people and work of GRN and HELP Bangladesh.


HELP Bangladesh

H.E.L.P. International (the 'Health, Education, Leadership, Program') is a Non Government Organization and a registered charity in Australia which has developed alongside the work of LRI/GRN Bangladesh.


Related information

Bangladesh: In early August a team of three GRN workers set off from Dhaka (the capital of Bangladesh) on a 350km journey.

Mark's Story: "I had a very critical time when my father left me alone with my two and a half year old brother and went somewhere else and never came back to look after us."

HELP Bangladesh: For a slightly different style of ministry, short-term mission options in Bangladesh offer a range of projects for people with different skills. Terms may be anything from 2 weeks to 3 months or more.

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