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Gospel Recordings Philippines

"Moving on to the last frontier".

Gospel Recordings Philippines is a mission organization that seeks to effectively communicate the gospel of Jesus Christ, through audio recordings to all peoples in their own language. Our priority is to provide evangelism and discipleship messages for oral communicators and unreached people groups that have no other means of hearing the good news in their own languages with the expectation of seeing them won to Christ and becoming His disciples.

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Unit 3C12 Isabelle de Valenzuela, #43 McArthur Highway, Marulas, Valenzuela City, Metro Manila 1440

PO Box 40, Valenzuela City 1469, Metro Manila

Phone: (632) 517-9003 or (632) 517-8993


Update 2015: Gospel Recordings Philippines

The visions and mission of Gospel Recordings Philippines


Language Prayer Profile: Waray

Read about the Waray who live in Eastern Visayas region of the Philippines.


Pray with Gospel Recordings Philippines

Newsletter of Gospel Recordings Philippines.


Gospel Recordings in the Philippines

On top of one of the hills inland from the town of Batanga stands a huge cross - a memorial to the end of the Second World War. In a sense, a war is still going on in this region - a fight for the souls of men, women and children.


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