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Never thought of being a missionary? It doesn't matter, there are lots of ways you can get involved in the ministry of GRN.


Prayer is the powerhouse of GRN. It's an aspect of the work that anyone can get involved in. Sign up for the monthly newsletter or prayer guide, or check here regularly for information for prayer.

Use the materials

We've got lots of resources for Christian ministry - recordings in thousands of languages, Bible picture books, and hand wind cassette players. They are great for crosscultural ministry within your own country, or mission work overseas.

Tell others

Spread the word around about GRN's ministry and materials. Get others interested in the work. We can provide a range of brochures for sharing with your church, home group, Bible college or other organisation. Or contact your nearest office to arrange a guest speaker.

Be a volunteer

A lot of work in GRN is done by volunteers. Some give a few hours or a day or two each week. Others use holiday time to work a week or two each year. We're very flexible! If you can type, count, solder, draw, turn a handle, or answer a telephone, then there's a niche for you here.

Short term mission

We have a number of different short-term mission opportunities. It's the experience of a lifetime.

Join full time

There are always many ministry opportunities in GRN. Whether your interest is technical, pastoral or administative - as long as you want to serve the Lord wholeheartedly, this might be the place for you.

Give a donation

GRN is funded primarily by the gifts of God's people. You can support the work financially with a one-off gift, or a regular contribution. You can donate online here. Details about our financial policies, and other ways to donate, are in the Financial Information page.

Translation Work

You can help translate part of our website into another language and give more people access to free GRN bible messages and recordings in their heart language.


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