Telling the story of Jesus in every language

Resources for evangelism and Bible teaching

GRN has audio and audio-visual materials for evangelism and basic Bible teaching in over 6000 languages and dialects.

The simple audio and audio-visual resources speak the truth of God's word in the heart language of every people group.

GRN also produces specialised audio players for remote locations.

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Bible stories, simple bible teaching and evangelistic resources in over 6,000 languages.


Audio and Audio-Visual Materials

Choose from our wide range of resources available in over 6,000 languages. GRN resources are developed to be culturally appropriate for oral communicators.


5fish: GRN content on your mobile device

GRN has developed a suite of applications for easy distribution and playback of GRN's recordings on mobile devices.


Audio playback devices from GRN

GRN produces robust hand wind audio players for use where commercial players are unreliable, or external power sources are unavailable or too expensive.


Resources for Short term missions

Resources for short term missions in over 6,000 languages and dialects.


Written Resources

Free downloads of story-based written materials for ESL, Sunday school and basic Bible teaching.


Ordering Information

How to purchase recordings, players and other resources from Global Recordings Network.


The GRN Audio Library

Evangelistic and basic Bible teaching material appropriate to the people's need and culture in a variety of styles and formats.


GRN Resources for Special Purposes

GRN materials can be used in many different ways, such as in ministry to children, seafarers, prisoners, migrants and refugees.


Related information

Mobile Phone Ministry: Mobile phones provide GRN with a massive opportunity to distribute recordings more widely than ever before.

Ministry to Children: GRN's stories are well used by adults but they can also be effectively used in children's ministry.

Burmese Refugees - Here! Now!: What can the Burmese refugees listen to? In both Burmese and Karen, GRN has over 10 hours of messages, songs, and Bible stories.

Words of Life: GRN has audio gospel messages in thousands of languages containing Bible based messages about salvation and Christian living.

Other Audio-only Recordings: These stand-alone, evangelistic audio resources do not have supplementary visual materials.

Free downloads: Here you can find all the main GRN message scripts in several languages, plus pictures and other related materials, available for download.

Podcast - Resources for telling Bible stories to Oral Communicators: Graydon Colville shares with Story4All ministry about GRN's bible storytelling resources for oral communicators in this Story4All Podcast

The Good News in Gumatj: Mission Aviation Fellowship have designed a new DVD resource incorporating GRN audio bible recordings and pictures for the Yolngu people in Arnhem Land.

Distribution of Bible Stories in Peru: A team of Australians assisted with the distribution of bible stories and evangelism in Peru.

The Evangelist's Toolkit: What do you need to be able to share God's message with someone?

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