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The Words of Life are GRN's most recorded messages, and are available in over 5,000 languages. The recordings contain short Bible stories, evangelistic messages and songs, and explain the way of salvation and give basic Christian teaching. They are recorded by mother-tongue speakers so people identify the language as their own. Most use a storytelling approach.

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Other Audio-only Recordings: These stand-alone, evangelistic audio resources do not have supplementary visual materials.

Getting the message out... on CD!: Come rain, hail or cyclone, Gospel CDs get through!

Words of Life for Seamen: GRN provides cassettes and CDs to several ministries to seamen. Here's feedback from two of them.

Evangelism in Nigeria: Such was the impact of the Gospel communicated through ordinary plastic material called cassette tape, that almost everybody in the team became a "counsellor".

Gambia outreach: We showed the Mandinka version of the "Jesus" film for several days and shared the gospel house-to-house. About one hundred and sixty people accepted Jesus Christ as their Saviour and Lord.

An Amazing Coincidence!: A dream. A mission hospital. A toothache. A mule trader. Dusty records. A cassette. And the voice of a lost son - all to bring this one man the Word of Life!

Faith comes by Hearing? About Oral Societies: Bible translation, Audio recordings and the missionary task

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