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Short Term Mission Opportunities

Looking for a challenge?

Ready to leave your comfort zone?

Searching for God's plan for your life?

Willing to trust God in every situation?

GRN has short term mission opportunities all over the world. This is your chance to see what it's all about. Come on a short term mission with us for a few weeks or a few months.

You'll meet people of different cultures and languages, see the GRN materials in action, and play a part in spreading the gospel outside your own national borders.

Aventura Misionera Peru

Interested in short-term mission? Then perhaps GRN Australia's Aventura Misionera is your opportunity.


Culiacan Project

The annual Culiacan Project is an opportunity for you. Thousands of lives are changed in February each year in the migrant camps of northern Mexico. Indians from hundreds of villages are visited in their camps with gospel cassettes, the Jesus film, and scriptures in their mother tongue.


HELP Bangladesh

For a slightly different style of ministry, short-term mission options in Bangladesh offer a range of projects for people with different skills. Terms may be anything from 2 weeks to 3 months or more.


Kawa-Saka outreach to the Kalinga people

Gospel Recordings Philippines conducts a short-term mission called "Kawa-Saka" to reach the Butbut, Gui'layon, Balatoc, Lubuagan and the Tulgao people in the mountain ranges of Kalinga Province.


Short Term Mission in Kosova

Join Kenny McKee from the UK office for 7 days of life changing impact in Kosova. The team works with Roma families, who are amongst the poorest in the region.


Short Term Mission Mexico - Jalisco and Chihuahua

Minister to thousands of migrant workers.


Trekabout in Nepal

Join the team from Australia and elsewhere with the GRN team in Nepal for an exciting 3-4 week short term mission program.


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Distribution of Bible Stories in Peru: A team of Australians assisted with the distribution of bible stories and evangelism in Peru.

Short Term Mission - a great learning experience: In July 2008, Alex and Sybil Shaw (GRN Australia) with Elda and Veronica (GRN Peru) led a team of 5 Australian and 4 Chilean Christians on the third "Aventura Misionera" in Peru.

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