Colin the Companion Cub - chats

Colin the Companion Cub - chats

रुपरेखा: Alzheimer counselling chats - to be used with therapeutic tool. There are two dimensions: 1) Empowering the patient (client) with Alzheimer Syndrome (ASP), and 2) Guidance to the family in coping with the situation of AS.

भाषा परिवार: 521

भाषा: English

विषय: Lifestyle (Medical); Problems (Problems, troubles, worries)

दर्शक: Elderly

तरीका: Monolog

लक्ष्य: Welfare; Non-religious

बाइबिल का प्रमाण: None

स्थिति: Approved

ये लेख अन्य भाषाओं में अनुवाद तथा रिकौर्डिंग करने के लिए बुनियादी दिशानिर्देश हैं। प्रत्येक भिन्न संस्कृति तथा भाषा के लिए प्रासंगिक बनाने के लिए आवश्यकतानुसार इन्हें अनुकूल बना लेना चाहिए। कुछ प्रयुक्त शब्दों तथा विचारों को या तो और स्पष्टिकरण की आवश्यकता होगी या उनके स्थान पर कुछ संशोधित शब्द प्रयोग करें या फिर उन्हें पूर्णतः हटा दें।

भाषा का पाठ

Chat 1 [Sight] / Seeing sunrise

Chat 1 [Sight] / Seeing sunrise

Hallo there, Dear, how are you doing this morning? [pause]. Do you want to sit up, or lie down? [pause; care-worker assist]. That’s good. I am here with you. I am Colin your friend, Colin Cub. So, I will stay with you. You may touch my paw, if you like [pause]. That feels real nice [soft laugh – distinct Colin chuckle].

Put me down [pause]. Now place your hand over your eyes [pause]. Take it away. Touch my eyes [pause]. See, they are brown and a bit black. [Colin chuckle]. Now, let me see … I like your room. What do I see there on the wall? [pause]. Oh that’s what it is. It looks great.

You know, Dear, I like to be outside. Sometimes, very, very early in the morning. When I get up, I see a yellow stripe. Then it becomes more like orange. When I look again, there is a red stripe – red like an apple. What things are also red? [pause]. That’s right, Dear. The red is the sun coming up over the mountain.

The sun is rising. This looks like a huge painting. The yellow and orange and red are all mixed. And there are little blotches of blue. That is from the sky. And, I say to myself: “Colin, this is the time to get up. This is a happy day.”
[Soothing music suggesting soft shades and colours]

Hold me close [pause]. Now give me a nice, long hug [pause]. That feels just right. That’s our Colin cuddle.

Your eyes show: Every morning is like a lovely painting just for you.

Chat 2 [Hearing] / Hearing the morning

Chat 2 [Hearing] / Hearing the morning

Good morning Dear! How are you today? [pause]. I see, Dear. You know, I am Colin Cub. I am here to be your friend. You can hold me close, if you like. [pause]. Yes, that is wonderful. It makes me feel so safe. Do you want to sit up, or lie down? [pause – care worker assist if necessary]. That’s just right.

Some mornings I wake up early. Then I do not sleep anymore. It is very quiet around me. That’s because it is really early. I go and sit by the window. Would you like your curtains open or closed? [pause; assisted by care-giver]. Oh, I like to open my curtains. I just sit before the window. I just listen. Now do it with me. Let us sit and listen. Shhh. [whisper voice, not frightening]. What do you hear? [longish pause]. Say it close to my ear. [pause]. O, that’s what it was!

So, I like to sit still in the mornings. Then I hear the sounds. From far away … then nearer [sound effect of lorry approaching]. Did you hear it, Dear? [pause]. That’s right. That’s a lorry. And it stops. I hear the doors opening [sound effects].

Hold me close. [pause]. Then I listen really hard. And I hear what is inside the lorry. There are birds [sound of doves cooing]. That’s right – these birds are doves. I sit still. I listen and listen. Come, Dear, listen with me.

You are really special; God cares for you, Dear. [background sound co-ordinated with the ‘mantra’]

[Music: soothing and reassuring]

Chat 3 [Smell] / Smelling the bakery

Chat 3 [Smell] / Smelling the bakery

Hallo, Dear. I hope you have a wonderful time. But it will get even better. I am here. My name is Colin Cub. I am your friend. You may hold me close. [pause]. You can smell me if you want [pause]. Put me close to your nose. [pause]. How do I smell? [pause]. O, that’s right [Colin chuckle]. That is really some smell.

I like going into town. Do you still go to town? [pause]. I see, Dear. Well, I am standing before a shop. My nose picks up a smell. I smell a lot of different flavours. I go into the shop. There I see a name on the door. It is: Bakery.

So let’s go inside the door. The man in the bakery asks: “What can I get you today?” [change the voice slightly]. I like all these smells. So, I follow my nose [Colin chuckle].

There is a nice flavour. A bit smoky, but a fresh smell. O, I like the baked bread. There is another smell: sweet and like carrots. O, I like carrot cake. So, there is the smoky smell and nice flavour. The fresh bread and carrot cake. Which one would you like – the bread or the carrot cake? [pause]. I think that is clever. I will buy that one.

[Soothing music – depicting flavours]

The flavours tell you there are different things. You can choose.

Chat 4 [Taste] / Tasting the party

Chat 4 [Taste] / Tasting the party

Hallo to you, Dear. I am Colin Cub. How are you doing? [pause]. Oh, I see. I am your special friend. We are together. So we will have a good time. Hold me close. Now give me a big hug [pause]. Ahh there [soft, pleasant laugh].This is our Colin cuddle.

Now look at me. Do you see my mouth? [pause]. It’s just under my large, round, black nose. Now open your mouth. [pause]. You see, we both have mouths. My mouth lets me taste a lot of things. And I want to tell you about a very nice taste.

I like parties. There are lots and lots to eat. We begin with the cooldrink, nice, red and bubbly. I take a tiny sip [sound effects of sipping], Aahhh. It tastes like berries that are squeezed. But, Dear, on my tongue, I have a lovely taste [smacking sound]. It is like a lot of bubbles. It is just popping in my mouth [sound effect].

Then I have a piece of cake. It is very sweet. I taste the brown chocolate and some white cream. Nice …

[Soothing music]

Now give me a little kiss. On my cheek. [pause]. That makes me feel nice.

This kiss tells you it’s nice to have friends.

Chat 5 [Touch] / Feel the sand

Chat 5 [Touch] / Feel the sand

Hallo, Dear. How do you feel today? [pause]. I hear you. I am Colin Cub, your special friend. We are together. Do you want to sit up or lie down? [pause; assisted by care-worker]. It feels good to be with you. Hold me close [pause]. Now hold me closer, you can hug me [pause]. Aaah. That feels special.

I want to tell you about the beach. When I get close to the beach, I can hear the people play. They are having fun [sound effects]. Then I get closer to the sea. I can feel the water over my feet [splashing sound].

Look at my face, Dear [pause]. Squeeze my cheek [pause]. Softly … [Colin chuckle]. At the beach the sun is warm on my cheek. I do not want the sun to burn me. So, I smear on sunscreen lotion; on my face and my cheeks. This lotion feels wet and I can put it on easily.

Most of all I like the sand between my toes. Now feel my toes, Dear [pause]. Press it softly [pause]. Oops, that tickles [Colin chuckle]. This is how grains of sand feels between my toes.

[Soothing music simulating the sea movement]

I go even closer to the sea. Then I feel the spray on my face. I get wet[sound effect of blowing water through mouth]. Well, Dear, it is time leave the beach. So, I must dry myself. I like the feel of the towel against my face. It is soft and warm.

This warm feeling tells you that it is fun to be with other people.

Chat 6 [Sight] / Seeing mountains

Chat 6 [Sight] / Seeing mountains

Good day, Dear. How are you today? [pause]. O, I see. I am here with you. My name is Colin, Colin Cub. That’s because I am small. Can you see how small I am? [pause]. That’s right, that’s me.

Do you like the curtains open, or do you close it? [pause; care-worker assist]. I like to see through the window. Hold me up [pause]. See, now I can look into your eyes. I like your eyes. They have a nice colour.

I like to go out and see the mountains. When I get there, I first look at the things close to me. I see the field where I stand. Now look at me. You can rub my hair, if you like [pause]. You see the colour? [pause]. The grass under the mountain has this colour – yellow and brown.

Then I look far away. I see the mountains. They are very far. So I see forms. It looks like a round roof, or a long chimney. These are cliffs. I look up and up … I see a black bird. It glides high in the blue sky. It sounds like the bird says: ‘You can … you can do it.’

Now I want you to do something. Look up … and up [pause]. What do you see? [pause]. You see, I, Colin, am really close to you. I will be there for you.

[Soothing music suggesting closeness]

Your eyes tell you: You are a special friend and others care for you.

Chat 7 [Hearing] / Hearing night-time

Chat 7 [Hearing] / Hearing night-time

Hallo there, Dear. How are you today? [pause]. Oh I see. You know, I always have a wonderful time with you. My name is Colin Cub. I am your friend. Hold me close to you [pause]. You may touch my hand, if you want to [pause]. That’s right. I am here with you.

Now just be with me. Just sit and listen. [pause]. Say into my ear: What did you hear? Oh, yes that. I heard it too. Tell me, Dear, do you like the day or the night? [pause]. Me, I like the daytime. You hear the birds sing [sound effects of early morning birds]. People are walking and talking.

But I also like it when it is night. This is the time when things go quiet all around. Shhh … [whispering voice, not frightening]. If you keep real quiet at night, you can hear the sounds. It is like a concert playing outside your window.

Sometimes, Dear, I hear the crickets [sound effect]. They talk to each other in a high pitch. Then I hear the frogs. Some frogs make a low sound [sound effect of frogs]. I also hear the little frogs. They make lovely music [sound effect]. They have this concert, just for you.

[Music blending in]

The sounds at night tell you that friends are there with you.

Chat 8 [Smelling] / Smelling flowers

Chat 8 [Smelling] / Smelling flowers

Hallo there, Dear. How are you today? [pause]. I see. Me, I feel just fine. That’s because we are friends. I am here with you. Touch my hand, if you want to [pause]. Oh, that’s nice. My name is Colin Cub. You are a special friend. Hold me close [pause], still closer [pause]. You know, you smell nice.

Look at my nose. It’s that round black dot. Just underneath my eyes. You can touch my nose if you want to. [pause]. Oops, that tickles a bit [chuckle]. I like to smell things.

What do you like to smell, Dear? [pause]. Oh, I see. That smells nice. You know, I like to smell flowers. When I go out into the garden, I see lots of flowers. I look at the colours around me. There are white and red and yellow flowers. Then I smell the lovely flavours [sniffing sound].

I walk around the garden. I see the roses. They are red. Very red, like an apple. Do you like roses, Dear? [pause]. That’s right. I smell them [sniff]. And they smell nice. Roses have a very sweet smell.

I walk and see other flowers. These are lilies. Lilies are really lovely. These lilies are white with a yellow stripe. I smell the lilies [sniff]. They do not smell as sweet as the roses. But I like their smell.

Now I want to bunch the flowers together. Must I use the roses, or the lilies to make the bunch? [pause]. Thank you, Dear. Yes, I think that will make a nice bunch of flowers, a special bouquet.

[Tone in music]

Smell the flowers and feel that you are beautiful like them.

Chat 9 [Tasting] / Tasting fruit salad

Chat 9 [Tasting] / Tasting fruit salad

Good day. How are you, Dear? I am Colin Cub. You are my special friend. I am here with you. Do you want to sit up or lie down, Dear? [pause; care-worker assists if needed]. That’s just right. Hold me close. Hold me a little higher, near your face.

Now, give me a kiss on my head [pause]. Oh. That’s really nice [chuckle]. Now I feel special. We have good times together. I like it when I wake up in the morning. Then I eat breakfast. Do you like breakfast, Dear? [pause]. Yes, that’s sounds nice.

Now I look around the table at breakfast. I want to see what I can put into my bowl. There is a lot of mixed fruits. This is a nice fruit salad. I see all the different fruit pieces.

I take a bite. This is a sweet taste. O, it’s a banana [smacking lips]. Long and yellow. Then I take another bite. This fruit taste a bit sour and soft [smacking lips]. O, it’s a peach. Round and yellow with red stripes. I take one more bite. O, it’s a water melon. This is like a little red roof. And it tastes sweet and like water [smacking lips].

[Music suggesting mixing of different tones – for the salad]

Then I put all these fruits in my mouth. All the fruits together make a sploshing sound [sound effect]. Do you like the sweet banana or the little bit sour peach? [pause]. I see. That’s a good taste. Smack your lips, Dear, like [smacking]. [pause]. Yes, fruit makes me feel good. I feel really happy. You know, fruits keep you healthy.

A fruit salad tells you God made many many things that make you happy.

Chat 10 [Touching] / Feeling rain on my face

Chat 10 [Touching] / Feeling rain on my face

Hi there, Dear. I like being with you. Do you like to be with me too? [pause]. I see, that’s good. I am Colin Cub. I am your friend. We can talk about nice things. How do you feel today, Dear? [pause]. Oh, I hear you.

I like to walk outside. I like it in the fields. There are leaves lying on the ground. I feel my feet walking over the leaves. It is soft, like a carpet. Then the leaves start to move. They rustle [sound effect]. The leaves climb into the air. I feel a soft breeze [whispering voice]. It is like a tiny wind blowing. I like this breeze.

Then I feel something soft. And it is wet. I look up. There are tiny droplets. I feel the drops dripping on my head [sound effect]. I feel it on my ears. There’s another one on my nose … oops, it slides down to my chin [sound effect – sslsshs]. Aahh that is lovely rain on my face.

[Blend in music – soft and somewhat more ‘happy’ – suggesting rain]

Then I laugh softly [sound effect]. Do you like rain falling on your face, Dear [sound]. Oh, I see. You know, rain makes me happy. Now hold me really close. [pause]. That’s right. Give me a nice hug. [pause].

[Blend in restful music]

There, Dear. Now I am even more happy.

Rain on your face tells you: God made special things just for you.

Chat 11 [Sight] / Seeing pets at home

Chat 11 [Sight] / Seeing pets at home

Hallo, Dear. How are you doing? [pause]. O, I see. I am Colin Cub. I like to be your friend. Do you like to be my friend too? [pause]. Yes, that’s how it is. You can take my paw [pause]. O, right. Now shake my paw [pause]. That’s really good.

You are my special friend. I want to tell you something. Hold me close [pause]. Ahh, that’s nice. I have a lot of special friends. I go to see them sometimes.

When I walk into the room, I see a chair. On the chair lies a small cat, a kitten. It is grey with white stripes. I go rub the kitten’s head. The cat meows softly. [sound effect]. “Do you want to be my special friend?” [leave pause for answer].

Then I go outside. I see a tiny house. It has a roof and a door. Then I see a nose. You see my nose, just underneath my eyes? [pause]. The dog also has such a round, black dot. This is a small dog. It is white with funny black spots [chuckle].
I rub the dog’s head. You can rub my head, if you want to [pause]. Ahh that feels special. The dog barks softly [sound effect, softly, not threatening]: “Will you be my special friend?” [pause].

These are pets. Do you like pets, Dear? [pause]. Oh, I see. That’s right. They are special friends. You know why? [pause]. I will tell you. Hold me close to your ear. [pause]. That’s because you mean so much to them.

Pets tell you, you mean so much to your friends.

Chat 12 [Hearing] / Hearing farm animals

Chat 12 [Hearing] / Hearing farm animals

Hi there, Dear. How are you doing today? [pause]. Yes, I hear you. My name is Colin Cub. I am your special friend. We are here together. Hold me close. [pause]. That’s nice.

Now put me down on your lap. [pause]. I like to listen. I keep very quiet. If you do that, you hear better. Place your hand behind your ear, Dear. [pause]. Now listen. What sounds do you hear? [pause]. Oh, that’s what the sound is.

I like to be on a farm. I hear the farmer says: “Do you want to feed the animals?” [slight change of voice]. So I walk to a house with a fence. I hear cluck [sound effect]. That’s the hens. I throw out corn. That’s right. That’s the food for the hens.

Then I walk. I want to feed these large animals. I hear them moo [sound effect]. These are the cows. They wait by their feed box. I give them grass. Now the cows have their food. Then I feel something wet and sticky on my feet. I stepped into the cow dung. It was lying just where I walked. Oops [chuckle]. But the dung is nice and warm.

I walk some more. There is a large field. I see white fluffy animals. They bleat meeee [sound effect]. Do you know these animals, Dear? [pause]. They are sheep. I put dried grass in the box where they eat.

They are lovely, these animals. I like giving all of them food. Do you want to give food to the hens or the sheep or the cows? [pause]. I hear you, Dear. That is a nice animal to feed.

[Blend in music with different tones]

The animals on the farm are different and special, like your friends.

Chat 13 [Smelling] / Smelling cookies

Chat 13 [Smelling] / Smelling cookies

Hallo, Dear. It is good to see you. How are you doing? [pause]. I am Colin Cub. Good day, Dear, pleased to meet you. [pause]. I like being here with you.

Hold me close, Dear. [pause]. That feels nice [chuckle]. Now hold me closer [pause]. I want to smell how you are [sniff]. Oh, you smell good, Dear. I like smelling things. I have a nose that likes finding new things [chuckle]. I smell them.

That is why I like being in a kitchen. There are so many smells. I like helping my mother bake. She takes some flour. It is white and like powder. Oh, it does not smell so much. I smell closer. Then I get some on my nose, oops [chuckle]. You can rub my big black nose, if you like, Dear. [pause]. There. That feels better.

Then my mother puts in other stuff. There are different in-gre-dients [say it slowly without ‘talk down’]. Then she puts in ginger. Let us smell that, Dear [sniff]. [pause]. That smells very strong.

My mother mixes all the ingredients together. It makes a nice dough. I help her roll out the dough. We make little cookies. She put the cookies in a pan. What do we do with this cookies in the pan, Dear? [pause]. I hear you. The cookies go into the oven.

Then I get this lovely smell. Smell with me, Dear [sniff] [pause]. That’s right. I smell warm, baked cookies. [Sniff]. The smell of ginger cookies make me very happy.

The smell of baked cookies make you want to make others happy too.

Chat 14 [Taste] / Taste pudding

Chat 14 [Taste] / Taste pudding

Hi, Dear. How are you today? [pause]. I see. I am here with you. My name is Colin Cub. I am with you. Hold me close to you [pause]. That feels nice [chuckle]. I like being here with you.

I like a lot of things. But some things, I like better. What do you like best, Dear? [pause]. Oh, that’s really nice. What about pudding? [pause]. Oh, I like that. After my food, I like eating my pudding.

Now rub my tummy [pause]. Oh that feels really nice. Sometimes, my tummy is empty. Then it rumbles [sound effect]. Do you hear it, Dear? [pause]. My tummy tells me I am still hungry.

So, after my food, I like to eat pudding. That tastes nice [smack lips]. The bottom part of the pudding is a bit harder. Feel my paw, Dear [pause]. Press it a bit. Feel the little pieces? [pause]. The bottom part of the pudding feel like this. It is the crust.

Then the next part of the pudding is soft and moves a bit – it wobbles [sound effect]. It is nice and yellow. I taste this part. It tastes like lemon. But it is not sour like lemon. This tastes sweet and soft in my mouth [smack]. And the part on top of the pudding? Do you know what is on top, Dear? [pause]. I hear you. It tastes nice and soft. This is sweet cream.

I like eating my lemon pudding. Now hold me close. [pause]. You can kiss me on my cheek [pause]. Oh that’s lovely, Dear. I like this even more than my pudding.

[Music for the mood]

When you taste pudding, you know that things will be just fine.

Chat 15 [Touch] / Touch clothes

Chat 15 [Touch] / Touch clothes

Hallo, Dear. How do you feel? [pause]. I hear you, Dear. Now ask me How I feel. [pause]. Me? Oh I feel really good and special. I like being with you. My name is Colin Cub. Hold me close. Can you feel my hairs? [pause]. That’s my fur. This is like a lot of soft hair.

I like feeling my fur. I call this my coat. This is like clothes that I wear. Do you also like the clothes you wear? [pause]. I can see. Dear. You know, clothes feel different. Let’s see. What are you wearing over your legs? [pause]. O, that’s right. It looks lovely. You can touch that piece of clothing, if you like [pause]. Does it feel soft or a bit hard? [pause]. I see. Yes, it looks that way.

Feel my arms, Dear. [pause]. It is also full of hair, like fur. I have fur all over my body. Do you have another piece of clothing on, Dear? [pause]. Touch that. [pause]. Does it feel a bit thicker or is it flatter? [pause]. Oh, I see. This is a nice piece of clothing that you wear.

Hold me close. [pause]. I want to show you something special. Rub down from my head [pause], Over my back [pause]. Do you feel a tiny knob sticking out? [pause]. That is my tail. That’s right. Like a little soft ball. It’s also full of fur.

You may touch my tail again. Oh … that tickles a bit [chuckle]. But that’s all right, Dear. You are my special friend.

[Blend in music]

The different clothes you wear, tell you God looks after you.

Chat 16 [Sight] / See wild flowers

Chat 16 [Sight] / See wild flowers

I see you look nice, Dear. Hallo there. How do I look? [pause]. I am Colin Cub. I am here with you. Now hold me close [pause]. Hold me still closer [pause]. Give me a hug [pause]. This is our Colin cuddle [chuckle].

I like to look at things. When I am outside in the open, I can see very far. Do you want to see very far, Dear? [pause]. Try to do this. Curl your hand [pause]. Place your hand just above your eye [pause]. That’s right. Now you can see far.

When I am outside in the open, I see all these lovely colours. There are purple, and pink, red and yellow colours. Oh, and there’s a white one. And a blue one. I bend down and look closer. I see the tiny flowers. They are close to the ground. It looks like a mat that is full of colours.

These are veld flowers. They are very special. These flowers grow only at one time each year. This is in spring. Do you like spring, Dear? [pause]. I know. This is when these little flowers bloom.

[Background music depicting colours]

I want to see the colours better. I sit down and look. I see the purple and blue flowers. Then I also see white and red flowers. Now look at me, Dear. [pause]. See: my hair has a yellow colour. What colours would look nice on my yellow hair, my fur? [pause]. O, you like that colour? Thank you, Dear, that would look nice on me.

[Blend in music again]

All these colours tell you that you can be happy in many ways.

Chat 17 [Hearing] / Hearing garden birds

Chat 17 [Hearing] / Hearing garden birds

Hallo there, Dear. I am feeling well and fresh. How are you feeling? [pause]. Oh, I hear you, Dear. Do you want to sit up or lie down? [pause – care-worker assist if needed]. There, now we can chat. I am Colin Cub. I am here with you; because you are my special friend.

I slept well last night. Did you sleep well, Dear? [pause]. I hear you. You know, when I wake up in the morning, I feel good. This is because there is a nice day. The sun is shining.

I like this time in the morning. Then I sit very still. Shhhh. I do not say a word [whispering voice, not frightening]. I sit and listen. See my ears, Dear? [pause]. They are round and soft. You can touch them, if you want [pause]. Oh, that feels, nice. Now touch your ears, Dear [pause]. Yes, that’s it.

I listen to the sounds outside. There are birds outside. They are singing to say “hello” to the morning [sound effects]. But I listen very closely. I put my paw behind my ear. So, I can hear the sounds better. Place your hand behind your ear [pause]. That’s right. Now you can hear better, like me.

I hear: there is one bird with a lovely sound. Listen closely with me [sound effect: red-chested cuckoo/Piet-my-vrou]. And I hear the bird sing: [tone in with rhyme of the bird]; You are nice; You are special. We are friends. We can sing nice words back to the bird. Sing with me, Dear: Thank you bird [in the tone of the bird] [pause]. You are sweet.

[Blend in music]

The sound of the birds tells you that God gives you a happy day.

Chat 18 [Smelling] / Smell the sky after rain

Chat 18 [Smelling] / Smell the sky after rain

Hallo there, Dear. I like to be here with you. How are you, Dear? [pause]. I hear you. I am fine. My name is Colin Cub. I am your special friend. Do you want the curtains open or closed? [care worker assist if necessary]. That’s fine with me. Now hold me close [pause]. Give me a hug [pause]. Ahh, that feels really good.

You know, in the morning I like to do something. When I wake up, I take a deep breath. Like this [Colin takes breath]. Now take a deep breath, Dear [pause]. That’s right. You see, this helps me smell better. See my nose? [pause]. You can touch this black spot. [pause]. Oops, that tickles a bit [Colin chuckle].

I really like to be outside. Sometimes it’s a warm day. Then I feel really hot [phew]. But then I feel something tickling my face. Here, just above my nose. And something drops on my paw. [sound effect]. It is raining, Dear. Then I go inside. I like to watch through the window. The rain draws stripes on the windows.

[Music imitating rain drops]

Then I see it. There are bits of blue sky. The sun is shining. The rain is over. I hear the birds sing [sound effect]. They are glad about the rain. I go outside. I see the water dripping from the roof [sound effect]. It makes puddles on the ground.

Slowly I bend down. I take a deep breath [Colin breath]. Take a deep breath, Dear [pause]. And then I get the smell. The ground smells nice. Like sand that is washed.

[Blend in soothing music, which suggests freshness]

When you smell the wet ground, you share nice things with others.

Chat 19 [Taste] / The taste of fair

Chat 19 [Taste] / The taste of fair

Hi there, Dear. I am Colin Cub. You may shake my paw if you like [pause]. There, that feels nice and warm. How are you doing? [pause]. Oh I hear. [pause]. I am here with you, Dear. So, I am your special friend. Do you want so sit up or lie down? [pause – care worker assist]. That’s all right with me.

I like to see how people have fun. I hear nice music and people who are happy [sound effects – laughter and sound of a fair]. Then I walk closer. There are a lot of little houses. They are stalls. I feel happy. But I also feel my tummy. It is empty. I have to eat something.

So, I look around. There is one little house, a stall. I go closer and I smell. Like this [sniff]. You can also smell if you want, Dear [pause]. Yes, I smell oil and a long, red sausage. The nice man asks: “A hotdog for you?” [slight difference in voice]. I must have one [smack the lips].

I taste the long piece of bread, the bun. Then I take a nice bite of the sausage [sound effect]. I get a nice, sharp taste. Red tomato sauce and a bit of yellow mustard. Oh, that sausage in the bun tastes so nice [smack].

My tummy is still hungry. So I go to another little house, a stall. There are lovely green apples. I see a little stick in the apples. The nice lady asks: “Would you like a toffy apple?” [slight difference in voice]. So I take a bite. It is hard and sticky. But it tastes nice and sweet [smack].

Dear, do you like a red sausage with a bun, or a green toffy apple? [pause]. Oh I see. This is nice to eat. But now you can rub my tummy if you like [pause]. There, now I don’t feel so hungry anymore.

[Blend in music]

The lovely things to eat tell you that you are nice to be with.

Chat 20 [Touch] / Feel wind in the hair

Chat 20 [Touch] / Feel wind in the hair

Hallo, Dear. It is nice to be here with you. I am Colin Cub. I am your special friend. Rub my head [pause]. Now down to my back [pause]. That’s nice. You can feel my hair. It is short but I have a lot of hair. Now hold me close to your hair [pause]. Oh yes, I can see your hair. It is lovely. You can touch your own hair if you want to [pause]. That’s right. That’s your hair.

There is something that I like very much. When I stand outside, I feel it. It is like a soft touch against my face. I feel the breeze blowing [sound effect of soft breeze]. You can also feel a breeze. Blow against your hand, Dear. [pause]. There, you can feel the soft touch.

Then I pick up my head. There is a nice wind. It blows a bit stronger. I feel the wind blowing on my head. You can touch my head [pause]. And down my back [pause]. Yes, and then down to that little knob [pause]. This is my tail. You can rub my tail if you like [pause]. Oops, that tickles [Colin chuckle].

Then I lift up my face. I feel the wind. It is like my friend who touches my face. I feel how the wind blows over my hair. And I feel so happy. So, I laugh softly [Colin laugh – not too wild to startle patient]. I laugh into the wind. Yes, Dear, it is nice to feel so happy.

[Blend in soft and happy music]

The wind that touches your hair tells you that you can be (God wants you to be) happy.

Chat 21 [Sight] / See the sunset

Chat 21 [Sight] / See the sunset

Hallo, Dear. How are you feeling? [pause]. Oh, like that. I am feeling very good. That’s because I am here with you. I am Colin Cub. Do you like the curtains open or closed? [care worker assist if necessary]. Now you can touch my cheek [pause]. That’s nice. This says I am your special friend. We are together.

Dear, for me there is a nice time. This is when I see the evening is here. You hear the birds far away. They are going home to their nests [sound effect of guinea fowl]. Listen how they call to each other. It is time for them to go to bed.

Then I look up, Dear. I see the sun is going down. There is still a yellow shine. But it is changing. Oh I see all the lovely colours. It is like large stripes painted over the sky. Dear, it is like a beautiful painting. And the last colours are just painted in.

I lift my head. I try to see all the colours. There is red like an apple. Then it turns to pink – not so red. I keep on looking. The lower part of the sky turns purple. It is like darker red. This is a special time.

Then I sit and listen. All around things are getting quiet. Shhh. The birds have stopped singing. They have gone to their nests. People have gone into their houses. Children do not play outside anymore. We all wait for the evening.

[Soft and soothing music]

And then, you hear [gong or bell, not too loud to startle patient]. Yes, Dear. It is time for supper. Do you eat supper in your room, or in the dining room? [pause]. I see. Yes, this is a nice time. That’s why I like the evening. Supper makes me and my tummy very happy.

[Blend in music]

When you see the sun going under, it tells you God cares for you.

Chat 22 [Hear] / Hearing the ocean

Chat 22 [Hear] / Hearing the ocean

Hi there, Dear. It is good to be with you. I am Colin Cub. You can shake my paw, if you like [pause]. Oh that feels nice. How are you today, Dear? [pause]. I hear you. These ears of mine can hear fine. You can touch one of my ears, if you like [pause]. That feels funny [Colin chuckle]. Now touch one of your ears [pause]. Yes, your ear helps you hear [chuckle].

I like to listen to nice things. When I am at the sea, I listen. I stand with my feet in the water. Then I hear the sea moving. The waves come in [sound effect]. Then they move back slowly.

I look far away. There is a large rock. I walk closer. So I can hear better. I walk even closer. Then I hear it. The wave running into the rock. It makes a nice splashing sound [sound effect – not too scary]. I feel so happy to see it. And smell it [sniff]. It is so fresh and taste a bit like salt.

I walk away from the rock. Then I see something lying on the beach. It is a seashell. I bend down and pick it up. The seashell is large. I can place it over my ear. Place your hand over your ear. [pause]. That right, Dear, like that.

I cover my one ear with the seashell. Then I hear it [sound effect of sea]. I hear the sound of the sea. This makes me feel so good. I like to share this good feeling with you.

[Blend in music with sea feel]

The sound of the sea tells you things will be (God will make things) all right.

Chat 23 [Smell] / Smelling the kitchen cupboard

Chat 23 [Smell] / Smelling the kitchen cupboard

Hallo, Dear. How are you today? [pause]. Oh, I see. Me, I feel just great. I am here with you. My name is Colin Cub. I am your special friend. I like to do things with you. Look at my eyes. Now see the black spot just under my eyes [pause]. This is my nose. I like to smell things. My nose tells me about new things that I can taste.

I like to go into the kitchen. There I see a lot of cupboards. I see a long cupboard. It is high. Reach with your hand as high as you can [pause]. That’s it. That’s how high the cupboard is. I open the door. I see the first rack of the cupboard. This rack is full of bottles.

These bottles are tiny. Look at my back leg. Feel how round it is [pause]. That tickles a bit [chuckle]. Like my back leg, so small are the bottles. That is very small.

I take out one bottle and open it. I smell [sniff]. You can smell too, Dear, sniff. [pause]. This smell tickles my nose. I think of pancake [sniff]. Oh yes, this is cinnamon. I open another bottle. I see it is red powder. I smell [sniff]. Oh this is strong. Oh yes, this is red pepper.

Yes, Dear, the stuff in the little bottles are spices. When I make food, I put in just a little bit of these spices. A little bit of spice makes the food taste nice [chuckle]. Now give me a nice hug. [pause]. Thank you, Dear. Your hug was nicer than the spice.

[Blend in music that suggests different flavours]

When you smell the spices, it tells you that you are a good friend.

Chat 24 [Taste] / Taste vegetable plate

Chat 24 [Taste] / Taste vegetable plate

I like it here with you, Dear. My name is Colin Cub. I am your special friend. We do nice things together. Dear, do you like to sit up, or lie down? [pause – care worker assist if necessary]. That’s just right. You see my mouth, Dear? [pause]. It is just under my nose. With my mouth I taste food. I like to eat all kinds of food stuff.

Do you like fruit or vegetables better, Dear? [pause]. Oh, I see. Yes, that is really nice food. Sometimes I like fruit. I also like my vegetables. I have my plate with my knife and my fork.

So, I take my spoon. I scoop, some vegetables onto my plate. I put this long green leaf onto my plate. Oh, it is cabbage. It tastes soft and a bit like salt. I take a few slices of tomato. That’s nice and red. It tastes a bit soft and like water. I get a strong taste. Oh, I taste a bit of pepper.

Then I take my fork. I scrape all along a long yellow pumpkin. It makes long strings on my fork. The pumpkin tastes soft and like sugar. I get a taste like pancakes. Yes, Dear, I taste a bit of cinnamon in the pumpkin.

My plate has different vegetables on it. This makes a nice meal. I take a little jug. It is full of white sauce. I pour a bit of this sauce over my green cabbage. Then I taste the sauce on the cabbage. It is like cheese and milk. It is a bit salty. So, I pour no sauce on my sweet pumpkin [chuckle]. Yes, Dear, I am ready to eat [smack].

[Blend in soft and contented music]

When you eat your meal, it tells you that you can be (God wants you to be) happy and healthy.

Chat 25 [Touch] / Touching someone’s hand

Chat 25 [Touch] / Touching someone’s hand

Hallo, there, Dear. How are you feeling? [pause]. I hear you, Dear. I am here with you. This makes me happy. You can shake my paw [pause]. Pleased to meet you. I am Colin Cub. I am your special friend. Do you want the curtains open or closed? [pause – care worker assist if necessary]. That’s right with me.

Now, touch my head [pause]. You can also touch my ears if you like [pause]. Oh, that tickles [chuckle]. Now hold me really close [pause]. You can give me a nice hug [pause]. Yes, that feels nice. That is our Colin cuddle.

It feels nice if you touch my head. I like it when you touch my face. It is also nice when you touch my ears. This shows me you are my friend. And friends like to be with you. Friends like to touch you. Your friends like to hold your hand.

Hold my paw, Dear [pause]. That feels nice. It is good to have someone who hold my paw. I am here with you. We are together. I want to tell you about my other friends. We are together and listen to music [music choice]. Then we sing together [very simple but striking song].

[Background music of choir]

Now you can listen when I sing [Colin sings the song in soothing tone]. You can sing too, if you want, Dear [pause]. That’s nice. Who are your friends, Dear? Oh, I see. If you want to, you can show me to that friend. Then I can say: “Pleased to meet you.”

[Blend in choir music]

When you touch a friend’s hand, you feel safe and cared for.

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