Don't Be Afraid

Don't Be Afraid

रुपरेखा: Very similar to "Are You Afraid" #256. Questions re a person's fears. Jesus came to free us from fear and sin, died on the cross, was buried, rose again. Jesus broke the power of Satan and we should not fear Satan, death, sickness, bird calls, dreams, or natural signs.

भाषा परिवार: X04

भाषा: Tok Pisin: PNG

विषय: Sin and Satan (Satan (the devil), Slavery to sin); Christ (Resurrection of Jesus, Saviour of Sinful Men, Ascension, Sacrifice / Atonement, Death of Christ); Eternal life (Heaven); Life event (Death); Problems (Evil Spirits, demons, Sickness, Fear)

दर्शक: Animist; New Christian

तरीका: Monolog

ढंग: Bible Stories & Teac

लक्ष्य: Evangelism; Teaching

बाइबिल का प्रमाण: None

स्थिति: Publishable

भाषा का पाठ

Hey olgeta, yupela i kam harim dispela tok. Mi laik askim yupela wanwan. Yupela pret? Yupela pret long kisim sik? Yupela pret long i dai? Yupela pret long dewel bilong ol tumbuna. Yupela i pret long pisin i singaut long nait? Yupela pret long masalai i stap long wara, na long diwai, na long bikpela ston? Yupela pret long man i wokim sanguma na poisin? Sapos yupela pret long ol dispela samting, mi gat gutpela tok long yupela. Mi laik tokim yupela long Jisas. Jisas i gat bikpela strong (( em i strongpela man tumas)). Strong bilong Jisas i winim (( daunim)) olgeta man na olgeta dewel nogut ((masalai)). (USE IN 2 SENTENCES IF NECESSARY) Sapos yu pret long ol dispela samting, Jisas i ken helpim yu. (PAUSE)

Jisas is save long olgeta samting. Jisas i save yumi olgeta i mekim pasin nogut. Yumi mekim olsem na (strong bilong) Setan i pasim (kalabusim) yumi pinis. Setan em i bosman bilong olgeta dewel nogut na masalai. Setan i bosim planti manmeri na mekim ol i pret. Tasol strong bilong Jisas i wimin (( daunim)) strong bilong Setan. Bipo, Jisas i lusim heven na i kam long graun. Jisas i bin dai long diwai kros na i baim ((kisim)) pasin nogut bilong yumi. Na Jisas i kirap gen long matmat. Jisas i mekim olsem, na i brukim strgon bilong Setan. Olsem nau, manmeri i bihainim Jisas, Jisas bai i strongim ol. Jisas i ken strongim yum i, bai yumi no ken pret moa. (PAUSE)

Buk bilong God i tok olsem: Manmeri i mekim pasin nogut, ol bai i dai, na ol bai i go long ples nogut. (PAUSE) Olsem, planti manmeri i pret long i dai. Ol i askim olsem, bihain bai yumi i dai na wanem santimg bai i kamap. Bai yumi go long ples masalai, a ? (Substitute local belief of what happens after death.) Buk bilong God i tok olsem: - Bihain God i gat bikpela toktok long yumi olgeta. Manmeri i stap yet long pasin nogut, God bai i krosin ol. God bai i salim ol manmeri nogut i go long ples nogut. God bai i salim Setan tu i go long ples nogut. Dispela tok i tru tumas.

Tasol, planti manmeri i bihainim laik bilong ol tasol. Ol is no tingting long God. Ol i mekim kain kain pasin nogut. (Ol i singaut long dewel nogut ((masalai)). Ol i mekim of a long dewel nogut ((masalai)).) Manmeri olsem ol i no inap long save long God. Manmeri olsem ol i birua bilong God. Manmeri olsem bihain ol i dai ol i no inap long stap wantaim God. (PAUSE)

Tasol, Buk bilong God i tokim yumi gutpela tok. Jisas i ken ((laik)) rausim ((tekewe)) pasin nogut bilong yumi. Jisas i ken ((laik)) strongim yumi bai yumi no ken pret ((tekewe pret bilong yumi)). Yu pret long samting nogut na yu laik sindaun gut a? ((Yu laik lusim pret bilong yu a?)) (OMIT THESE TWO SENEENCES IF DIFFICULT). Yu tok long God olsem. God, mi harim tok bilong yu i gutpela tumas. Mi bel hevi long pasin nogut bilong mi. Mi laik givim beksait long ol pasin nogut bilong mi. God, mi laik bihainim olgeta tok bilong yu. (Jisas, yu namel man bilong mi na God.) (Jisas) Yu bin dai long diwai kros na baim ((kisim)) pasin nogut bilong mi. Mi askim yu long tekewe pasin nogut bilong mi. (Nau yumi tupela i pren) Bai yu lukautim mi gutpela na mi no ken pret moa. (God mi askim ol dispela samting long nem bilong Jisas. Amen.) (PAUSE)

Sapos yu tok olsem long God, em bai i harim yu. God bai i givim yu Spirit bilong em bilong strongim yu. (USE 2 SENTENCES IF DIFFICULT) Na bihain, sapos yupret long samting nogut, yu ken singautim God (na em bai i strongim yu.) Yu no ken pret moa. Saten na olgeta dewel nogut ((masalai)) i no ken daunim ((winim)) God. God i lukautim gut ol lain ((famli)) (( wan pisin)) bilong em. Yu no ken pret long i dai. Taim ol lain ((famli)) ((wan pisin)) bilong God i dai, God bai i kisim ol i go long heven (ples bilong em)). Na ol bai i amamas wantaim em. (PAUSE).

Sapos yu bihainim Jisas, (yu no ken pret long ol dewel bilong tumbuna; no pisin i singaut long nait. Yu no ken pret long ol ples masalai, no man i wokim sanguma na poisen.) (IF TIME IS SHORT:- Yu no ken pret long olgeta samting nogut.)

Bipo, Saten i mekim yumi pret long ol dispela samting (nogut). Saten i giamanim yumi. (Yumi pret na yumi givim biknem long ((bihainim)) ((tingting long)) ((litimapim nem bilong)) Saten. Mipela no bin givim biknem long ((litimapim nem bilong)) God. Tasol nau mipela i gat save. God i gat strong long daunim ((winim)) ol samting bilong Saten. (Olsem yumi ken givim biknem long God.) Sapos yu bihainim Jisas yu no ken pret moa. Sapos yu no bihainim Jisas bai yu pret tumas. Moabeta yu kam long Jisas na Bihainim em nau ((tude)).


(( )) indicates an alternative expression.

( ) indicates that this section may be left our for reasons of difficulty in translation or
inability to include within time limit of recording.

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