unfoldingWord 03 - Y pirã wachu

unfoldingWord 03 - Y pirã wachu

Outline: Genesis 6-8

Script Number: 1203

Language: Ache

Theme: Eternal life (Salvation); Living as a Christian (Obedience); Sin and Satan (Judgement)

Audience: General

Genre: Bible Stories & Teac

Purpose: Evangelism; Teaching

Bible Quotation: Paraphrase

Status: Approved

Scripts are basic guidelines for translation and recording into other languages. They should be adapted as necessary to make them understandable and relevant for each different culture and language. Some terms and concepts used may need more explanation or even be replaced or omitted completely.

Script Text

Tãrã ruy wachabu, ache tãrã ekõawe kowe ywy llabu. Prandjã buchã wywy. Bue buchã djapo ekõ, pichadji pycho reko. Ywy puagi djembi buchã wywy, go buare Apã Wachu inama idja etakrãpe, bue ekõngi wywy pachopa djonowã, bue wywy kowe ywype buchãmbawã y pirã wachu rupi.

Noedji rõ Apã Wachu ury gatu. Go rõ praru gatu, ekõ ache wywy djembi buchã bychepe. Apã Wachu kiuma Noepe, y pirã wachu idja bue mondowerã ywy llabu. Kiuma emi Noepe wyra kara wachu djapowã.

Apã Wachu kiuma Noepe dja endarã wyra kara wachu go nonga djapowã: puku rekuaty 140 metro, chepe rekuaty 23 metro, gobu buwy rekuaty 13.5 metro. Kiuma Noepe, wyra kara wachu djapowã wyradji, djapowã emi ywy chepe nongadji brewipychã llabu, gobu emi djapowerã djãwã tãrã endarã, emi wyra kara llabuwa pechewã, emi etakrã djãwã minĩ. Go wyra kara wachu rupi Noe, dja tay wywy, emi dja breko wywy, emi we wywy ywy llabuwa ekõngi, manollãwerã, go y pirã wachu ekõmbu.

Noe wendu gatu Apã Wachu djawu. Go dja tay brewipychãndji djapopama wyra kara wachu Apã Wachu inawe nonga. Wyra kara rõ neina wachu, go buare bita reko tãrã ruybu, djapopawã. Noe kiu reko ache wywype y pirã wachu ekõwerã, kiu emi gogi wywype bue buchã wedjapawã, Apã Wachu rupi mudjãwã. Gogi wywy rõ wendu djuellã, kua djuellã Apã Wachu djawuwe.

Apã Wachu kiuma emi Noepe, dja tay wywype emi, dja bue uwã wywy noãwã, we wywy puarã emi. Bue djapopabu, Apã Wachu kiuma Noepe, dja breko, dja tay wywy dja brekodji: „Kowebu pendje ike kua wyra kara wachu djãwãpe.“ Go rõ chantapa ache.

Apã Wachu buema mondo we wywydji, etakrã chuegi emi dja breko, kuyra wywydji, etakrã chuegi emi dja breko, wyra kara djãwãpe ikewã, manollãwã y pirã wachu rupi. Apã Wachu buema mondo djypetã chuegi, djypetã waimipurã emi, go we kbegatu wywydji Apã Wachu puarã keĩmbyrã. Gogi wywy wyra kara wachu djãwãpe ĩmbabu, Apã Wachu rõ peche roma mondo wyra kara djãwã.

Gobu ekõma baky, baky wachu. Baky wachu krãpĩllã chengypychã tapa krey, chengypychã tapa chãwã emi. Y ywy wyrydjiwa owo roma emi, wẽ roma ywy llabu. Bue wywy kowe ywype llabuwagi pechepa roma mondo y pirã wachu rupi, kuã wachu wywy pechepa roma emi.

Bue ekõngi wywy ywy piryllã llabu manomba roma. Ache wywy, emi we wywy wyra kara wachupe ĩngi, manollã. Wyra kara wachu wewo y pirã llabu. Go nonga kuwẽmbyre bue wywy dja djãwãpe ĩngi manollãwã ype.

Gobu baky krãpĩmbu, wyra kara wachu wewo wyche y pirã wachu llabu ipo djachy manombu. Go krey rãwe y pirã wachu edjyma o. Gobu duwe kreybu, wyra kara wachu wapyma kuã wachu chepe llabu. Y wachu rõ ĩ wyche ywy llabu. Brewipychã djachy manombu, wechãma duwe kuã’ã emi.

Chengypychã tapa kreybu wyche, Noe buema mondo tokape kuyra taydjã nongagi, wechãwã y pirã kadjã mombo. Taydjã wewe ekõ duwe rekuaty wywy, ywy piryllã kuarawã. Gobu rõ ĩllã wyche.

Gobu Noe buema mondo waruku. Gogi rõ dorollã emi ywy piryllã. Go buare ekõma emi Noe endape. Djypetã kreybu, buema mondo emi waruku, gobu go ekõma emi, wyra o „oliva“ eruma dja djurupe. Y pirã wachu edjyma o, wyra wywy oky gatupa roma, emi yma gatu!

Duwe djypetã kreybu Noe warõ wyche, gobu emi brewipychãndjiwa buema mondo waruku. Gobu rõ dja pychã endarã ĩma, go buare ekõllã emi wyra karape. Y pirã kadjã roma djo!

Mirõ djachy manombu, Apã Wachu djawuma Noepe: “Amaty kua wyra kara djãwã puare, dje brekodji, dje tay, dja brekodji emi, we wywy emi wẽ kua wyra kara puare kowebu. Pendje tay tãrã, pendje tay kudjã tãrã emi ga mondo, pendje kmino tãrã emi, kowe ywy pendje tãrã buchãwã.” Go nonga Noe emi dja djãwẽwatygi wywy tokape wẽma o wyra kara djãwã puare.

Gobu Noe edjyma wyra kara djãwã puare, we keĩ endaty djapoma. Gobu eruma tãrãllã we adjullã gatugi, Apã Wachupe keĩmbyrã. Apã Wachu ury gatu we keĩmbyredji, gobu Noepe, dja breko emi dja tay wywype kuwẽ gatupa roma.

Apã Wachu inama: “Cho mẽma cho djawu go nonga: Cho bue bechewerã bue buchã kowe ywype, bue buchã ache djapowedjiwa. Cho buchã bechewerã ywy y pirã wachu rupi, ache djã buchãmbu djepe go krumi rãwe, go chuebu emi.”

Gobu Apã Wachu mĩma membo ruchu kreydji, ache wywy wechãwã, Apã Wachu djapowerã idja inawe nonga. Membo ruchu kreydji wechãmbu, Apã Wachu kua rekowerã ache wywydji, idja inawe nonga.

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