unfoldingWord 03 - Ban-Pani

unfoldingWord 03 - Ban-Pani

Outline: Genesis 6-8

Script Number: 1203

Language: Nagamese

Theme: Eternal life (Salvation); Living as a Christian (Obedience); Sin and Satan (Judgement)

Audience: General

Genre: Bible Stories & Teac

Purpose: Evangelism; Teaching

Bible Quotation: Paraphrase

Status: Approved

Scripts are basic guidelines for translation and recording into other languages. They should be adapted as necessary to make them understandable and relevant for each different culture and language. Some terms and concepts used may need more explanation or even be replaced or omitted completely.

Script Text

Bisi homoe pichete, manu-jatikhan prithibi te bhorta hoijaise. Taikhan bisi bodmas aru gunda kamkhan kurithakise. Taikhan bisi bia hoe ja-a pora, tai prithibi te ekta dangor ban-pani pothaikena sob dhongso kuribole bhabna korise.

Hoilebi Isor pora Noah ke bisi khusi paikena thakise. Tai ekla dharmik manu thakise, aru baki dusrakhan sob bisi bia manukhan thakise. Isor pora Noah ke tai laga bhabona jonai dise. Itu nimite Noah ke ekta dangor nao banabole koise.

Isor pora Noah ke 140 meter lamba, 23 meter chourah aru 13.5 meter utcha nao banabole koise. Aru itu naoke khuri pora banabo aru itu tin tola hobo, aru naote kamrakhan bisi banabo, aru uporte ekta chat banabo aru ekta khirki banabo ineka koise. Noah aru tai laga khandankhan aru mati te thaka laga kisim-kisim janwarkhan sob pani aha homoete, nao laga bhitor te thakibo koise.

Isor pora ki koise, itu sob Noah manikena korise. Noah aru tae laga tinjon chokorakhan milikene Isor pora jonai dia nisna he noa ke banaise. Aru Nao bisi dangor hoa-a nimite, khotom koribole bisi sal lagise. Noah pora dangor ban-pani ahibole ase koikena manukhan ke Isor bisarilobi koikena jonai dise, hoilebi manukhan Noah laga khota biswas kura nai.

Isor pora Naoh aru tai laga pariwar-manukhan ke kha-a-loakhan taikhan nijor nimite aru janwarkhan nimite bhitor te loijabi koise. Jetia sob kam khotom hoise, tetia Isor pora Noah ke naote ghusibole homoe ahise koise, itu nimite tai laga maiki, tinjon chokorakhan aru taikhan laga maikikhan, sob milaikena ath-jon nao bhitorte ghusibole jonaise.

Isor pora sob kisim laga janwar aru chiria khan maje pora eka-mota eka-maiki korikena nao bhitorte ghusibo dise. Isor pora jun janwarkhan niom-pora sapha bonaise utu janwar laga ekta-mota ekta-maiki korikena sat-ta jora pathaise. Taikhan sob bhitorte ghusiloise aru Isor nijor pora nao laga dorjake bon kuridise.

Itu pichete pani giribole suru hoise. Aru itu baris tu chalis din aru rati tok narukhikena giri thakise! Mati uporte Pani bisi uthi jaise aru bisi utcha paharkhan bi pani pora sop bon kuridise.

Jun manukhan aru janwarkhan nao bhitor te thakise utu khan ke charikena prithibi te jiman jinda jib janoarhan thakise itu khan sob morijaise. Utu nao pani uporte thakise aru khali noa bhitor te thaka khan ke he bachaise.

Pani gira rukhija-a pichete, pani uporte nao panch mahina tok bohi thakise, aru itu homoe te pani niche jabole lagise. Aru ek din, nao ekta pahar uporte ahikena rukhijaise. Hoilebi tetia tok pani bisi thakise. Aru tin mahina pichete, pahar laga uporkhan dikhibole paise.

Arubi chalis din pichete, Noah ekta kaowa chiria ke baharte urikena jabole dise. Hoilebi chiria toh sukhi-ja mati bisarikena uporte he uri thakise, kilekoile sukha mati thaka nai.

Itu pichete, Noah pora mati sukhi ase na nai janibole karne ekta kobutar chiria ke baharte pathaise. Hoilebi matikhan pani pora bon korikena thakise, itu nimite utu kopu nao te wapas urikena ahijaise. Sat din rukha pichete, arubi Noah pora ekta kobutar chiria ke pathaise, aru itu kabutar tu tai laga mukh te ekta kacha oliv-dal dhurikena Noah logote wapas ahise! Tetia, pani bisi sukhijaise aru notun ghaskhan ulaiase koikena Noah janibole parise!

Noah aru bi sat din rukhise, aru tai ekta kobutar chiria ke pathaise. Itu bar kobutar tu wapas ahia-nai, kilename kabutar tu aram kuribole jaga pai jaise. Tetia panikhan sukhise koikena Noah buji se.

Dui mahina piche te, Isor pora Noah ke koise; ‘‘Apuni aru apuni laga ghor manukhan aru chiriakhan aru janwarkhan sob loikena nao pora bahar te ulabi. Bisi bacha jonom kuribi aru pura prithibi ke bhorta kuribi.’’ Itu nisina taikhan sob nao pora bahar te ulaise.

Noah nao pora bahar ulaija-a piche te, tai ekta bolidan kura jaga banaise, aru sob kisim laga ekta korikena niom-pora-sapha janwar aru chiria loise aru boldian kurise. Isor bisi khusi paise aru Noah aru tai laga ghor manukhan ke asis dise.

Isor koise; ‘‘Ami kosom kori ase, manukhan pap kam kuri thakilebi itu nimite ami aru kitiabi itu prithibi te shrap nadibo, taikhan bisi bia kamkhan kurilebi, ami kitia bi jinda thaka samankhan ban-pani pora sob khotom nakoribo, taikhan bacha thaka homoe pora taikhan laga bhabonakhan sob pap laga he ase. ’’

Isor pora tai kosom kha laga akash te ekta dhanush rakhise. Jitiabi akash te dhanush ulabo, tetia itu dikhikena Isor tai dia laga kosom mon-te rakhibo aru tai laga manukhan bi ineka bujibo.

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