unfoldingWord 03 - Tuilet

unfoldingWord 03 - Tuilet

Outline: Genesis 6-8

Script Number: 1203

Language: Hmar

Theme: Eternal life (Salvation); Living as a Christian (Obedience); Sin and Satan (Judgement)

Audience: General

Genre: Bible Stories & Teac

Purpose: Evangelism; Teaching

Bible Quotation: Paraphrase

Status: Approved

Scripts are basic guidelines for translation and recording into other languages. They should be adapted as necessary to make them understandable and relevant for each different culture and language. Some terms and concepts used may need more explanation or even be replaced or omitted completely.

Script Text

Chun hienghi a hung na, hnuoi chungah mihriem an hung punga. An suolin, inpawngnêkna a nasa ta hle el a, suolna a nasata em lei chun hnuoi pumpui hi tuilet nasatak hmanga sukbohmang Pathienin a tum ta a.

Nisienlakhom Nova chun Pathien mit hmua chun ditsakna a chang a. Misuolhai laia um sienkhom mifel tak a nih. Pathienin khawvêl pumpuia tui an lettir ding thu chu Nova kuomah a hril a. Nova kuoma chun long lientak tuk dingin Pathienin a hril bok a.

Pathienin Nova kuoma chun long a dung meter 140 vêl, a khang meter 23 vêl le an sângzie chu meter 13.5 vêl tuk dingin a hril a. Long chu thinga siem nîng a ta, sawng thuma siem, pindanhai siem nîng a ta, inchung nei a ta, tukver a um bok ding a nih. Long sûnga chun Nova le a sûnghai, ramsa popo hringna nei tinrêng laia mi, pahni pei, tuilet sung popo chun himtakin an um ding a nih tiin a hril a.

Nova chun Pathien thuhril chu a awi a. Pathienin a hril ang tak chun ama le a naupasal pathumhai chun long chu an tuk ta a. Long tuk dinga riruong chu a lien leiin long tuk zona ding chun kum tamtak a aw a. Nova chun mihai kuomah tui hung lêt ding thu chu a hrila, Pathien kuoma kîrnawk dingin a hril hlaka chu a thuhril an takson chuong nawh.

Pathien chun Nova le a sûnghai kuoma chun an ni le ramsahai ta dinga huntawk fâk ding by huntawk sie khawm dinga a hrilsa bok a. Thilthaw ding iengkim an rêl diem hnung chun Pathienin Nova kuomah ama le a nuhmei le a naupasal pathum lai le an nuhmeihai chu long sûnga lût ta dingin a hril a. An rêngin mi pariet an nih.

Tuilêt sûng po a an him theina dinga long sûnga lût dingin ramsa tinrêng a pui le a chal seng Pathienin Nova kuomah a tir a. Chun Pathienin inthawina a hmang dingin ramsa inthieng tinrêng a pui le a chal pasari seng a sie bok a. An renga long sûnga an lût kim phing chun long kotkhâr chu Pathienin a khâr ta a.

Chuongchun ruopui chu a sûr chur chur el ta a. Sûr chat lovin ni sawm li le zân sawm li sûng chu ruopui chu hnuoia hin chat thrak lovin a sûr a. Hnuoi chung popo a hin tui chu a hung lêt a, hnuoi chu a chîmpil ta vong a. Hnuoi chung popova thil tinrêng chu tuiin an khum ta vonga, tlâng insâng popo khom an khum vong a.

Mihriem le ramsa long sûnga um tihai chau naw chu thil tinrêng khawmuola um taphothai chu an thifai vong ta a nih. Long kha chu tui chungah an kâng zinga, thil tinrêng long sûnga umhai kha chu himtakin an um a.

Ruo sûr a tawp a long kha chu thla nga sûng tui chunga khan a lan lâng zing a. Nikhat chu tlâng insâng tak chunga long kha an nghat ta a. Anachu hnuoi chu tuiin a lan khum zinga. Thla sawm chena chun tlang sîphai chu an hung inlang ta a.

Chun ni sawm li zo chun, Nova chun vaâk pakhat hnuoia hin tui a kang ta am ti hmu dingin longa inthok chun an vuong suok tira. Vaâk chun hnuoi hul a um ta’m ti zongin a vuong vêl a vuong vela, nisienlakhom fûkna ding hrim a hmu nawh.

A nakie chun Nova’n vathru an vuong suoktir a. Nisienlakhom hnuoi hul fûkna ding hrim a hmu naw leiin Nova kuomah a kîr nawk a. Hapta kar khat hnungin vathru an vuong suoktir nawk a; a hmûra olive thingkau putin a kîr nawk ta a! Tui chu a hung kiem deu deuva, thing le ruohai khom an hung tro nawk ta a!

Nova chun ni sari dang a nghâk zo chun vathru pakhat a tir thar nawk a. Hi trum hin chu vathru chun fûkna ding a va hmu ta leiin a kîr nawk ta nawh a. Tui chu a kang rêt ta!

Thla hni a liem chun Pathinin Nova kuomah, “Nang le I sûnghai leh ramsa popo leh tuhin chu longa inthok suok thei vong tang in tih. Nau tamtak le tuhai tamtak neiin hnuoi hi hluo sip ro” a ta. Chuongchun Nova le a sunghai chun long chu an suoksan ta a.

Nova longa inthoka a suok zo chun maichâm a siema, inthawina dinga hmang ding sa chi tinrêng laia mi seng an hlân a. Pathien chu inthawina chunga chun a lawma, Nova le a sûnghai chu mal a sawm ta a.

Pathien chun, “Mihriemhai hi an vânglai nihaia inthokin lo suol hai sienkhom, mihriemhai leiin tuilêtin hnuoi hi sukse nawk ta naw ninga, hnuoi hi trongsie inphur nawk ta naw ning ti’n thu kan tiem,” a ta.

Chuongchun a thutiem inchikna dingin sumrisâng hmasatak chu an zâmtir a. Sumrisâng an zâm zât hin Pathienin a mihai laia thaw dinga thu a tiem kha a hrietsuok hlak ding a nih ti inchikna a nih.

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