Kerry and Von

Hierdie bladsy is tans nie beskikbaar in Afrikaans nie.

Kerry & Von are seconded from GRN USA to GRN Thailand.

They have been serving as one of the recording teams, as well as introducing others, especially short term teams and volunteers to the work of GRN Thailand. In addition Kerry has been helping with training others and overseeing the finances. Von has been involved in checking translations of scripts and following up contacts around the country who have helped previously in the recording process.

Currently, Kerry and Von have been advising a partner organization in another country, helping them follow the different steps they learned during the Recording Team Training Course in order to make quality recordings.

Kerry grew up in a Christian family in the USA and came to know the Lord Jesus personally and follow Him even at a young age. From childhood, he heard about different missions, including Gospel Recordings (now Global Recordings Network). When praying about the future, the Lord put on his heart Gospel Recordings.

Von grew up in South Vietnam as a Buddhist and also followed Ancestor worship. Later she was able to come to the USA where she came to know the Lord Jesus as her Savior from her mother who shared with her from a Vietnamese Bible. She served in Thailand and Cambodia as a single missionary with New Tribes Mission (now Ethnos 360).

Kerry met Von in Chiangmai in 2001 and after they were married in 2003, Von joined Global Recordings Network.

Kerry studied business administration, with a focus on accounting and later studied applied linguistics as part of a Tesol program. He was trained as a recordist in 2000. Von learned nursing in South Vietnam, which has been a useful skill in building relationships and caring for the people they meet. She also received a degree in intercultural ministries in the USA, and took recordist training in Thailand in 2004.

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