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You are invited to Global Recording Network's 75th Anniversary.

The story of Jesus now available in over 6,000 languages.

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Global Recordings Network USA

Our vision is to see the Good News in EVERY language and dialect on earth. The "What we do and why" page will give you a clear glimpse of why this ministry is so strategic.

Check out our Resources for Ministry. GRN is at your service providing audio evangelism messages in most of the world's languages. For oral societies and unevangelized peoples these materials are often the key to them coming to know who Jesus is. They are also useful for communicating with people from other nations who live in your community. Maybe you don't speak their language, but it's likely we do!

We still have thousands of languages and dialects that still need to be recorded. Your skills, resources and partnership can help make this happen! Together we can deliver the gospel of Jesus Christ to many unreached peoples for the very first time in their history! We invite you to be a part of this strategic last days ministry.


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Address: 41823 Enterprise Circle North, Ste 200, Temecula CA 92590-5682 (see map)

Toll Free Phone: 888-444-7872 for ordering evangelism materials or making donations by credit card

Local phone: 951-719-1650

Fax: 951-719-1651

Office hours: Mon thru Fri 8:30am to 5:00pm PT (Please do not call Wednesday mornings, our staff prayer day.)



You are welcome to stop by for a personal visit if you are ever in the area. Temecula is in southern California. We are just off the I-15 about 90 miles southeast of Los Angeles and about 60 miles north of San Diego.

GRN USA -75 years of God's Faithfulness

Video - An overview of the ministry of Global Recordings Network. Celebrating 75 years of God's faithfulness taking the Words of life to over 6,000 languages and dialects throughout the world.


Global Recordings Network 75th Anniversary

Come celebrate 75 years of Global Recordings Network ministry


News - 'Sounds' Newsletter

Read the latest 'Sounds' newsletter from GRN USA


Evangelism within the USA

GRN resources are also valuable right here in the USA


Join Us

Want to help GRN USA? Volunteer, apply for a job or read about how you can participate . . .


Memorable Milestones: History

Find out more about GRN's history


GRN USA Financial FAQ

How GRN USA finances its operations and handles gifts from donors.


GRN USA Price List

Prices for the ministry resources and Bible materials in the GRN product range.


The team from GRN USA

USA Staff Profiles and Prayer Letters


Together In Prayer

Prayer news and notes from GRN USA.


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USA Together in Prayer - November 2014: Daily Prayer Guide from Global Recordings Network USA.

Sounds of GRN - October 2014: This edition of Sounds includes the 'Together in Prayer' prayer guide for October 2014.
(PDF - 2.3Mb) Celebrating 75 Years of God's Faithfulness! . . . God's Goodness . . . Peru Visit . . . 'Amazing Stories' Excerpts. . . Daily Prayer Guide for GRN Staff . . .

USA Together in Prayer - October 2014: Daily Prayer Guide from Global Recordings Network USA.

Finding Time To Pray: For many of us our problem is remembering to pray. It's not that we don't think prayer will help, it is just that we don't always think to pray...

Why Ask For What We Already Have?: God's great purpose is to reveal His Son in us in every situation...

No Place Like Home: May we always pray and go and seek out the spiritually homeless to let them know that, in Christ, there is no place like home!

Prayer And Obedience: Our Lord won't force us to obey but patiently awaits our willing consent...

The Prayer Warrior: A prayer warrior might be weak in body but, if faithful in prayer, he or she will be feared in the heavenlies...

Praising God Before He Answers: We can do many things to excess - but we can never overpraise...

Keeping Our Spiritual Fervor: A huge hindrance to being zealous for God is our love for the things of the world...

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