God at work in Sierra Leone

God at work in Sierra Leone

Stories like this make heaven rejoice...

How would you feel if 400 people came to your open air meeting and 15 of them indicated that they wanted to follow Christ?

As Director, Andrew Kanu, and his colleagues work with local missions and churches, training them in evangelism and outreach using GRN materials, they are seeing God at work in ways that would make heaven rejoice and many western preachers envious! But it is not easy! There is spiritual opposition, a growing Islamic presence and even poor roads to make outreach difficult!


GRN Sierra Leone and 'The Bethel World Outreach Ministries International', another long-standing partner of GRN SL, had a mission seeking to establish a church in Waterloo. At the programme in Waterloo last year 200 people heard the Gospel message and 40 wanted to accept Christ.

Recently, Andrew and the GRN team went back to Waterloo with 'The Provincial Gospel Mission'. Working in two locations, 1170 people attended their programmes and 42 of them wanted to accept Christ as Saviour. This area is just 22km from the capital, Freetown, but it is gradually becoming an Islamic stronghold. A hall has since been given to the new believers so they can meet together.

Thunder Hill!

At a place called Thunder Hill, the Rhema Bible Church organized a programme and invited Andrew and the team to work with them. When they worked together last July, they saw a great impact for the Gospel. A second visit saw 670 people attend the programme and 76 wanted to follow Christ.

But it is not only responses at open air campaigns that encourage GRN SL.

'Mother Tongue'

In December 2006 they commenced a weekly, 30 minute radio programme. The broadcasts are aired from the Believers Broadcasting Network. These are a few of the recent topics broadcast: 'The importance of cross-cultural communication in the evangelisation of Sierra Leone; 'Oral communication, a dynamic factor in the evangelisation of Sierra Leone'; 'Oral communication in relation to gospel recordings' and, 'The relevance of cross-cultural church planting in enhancing church growth'. It's a great opportunity!

Andrew wrote, "We initiated this radio programme. Please pray for God's provision to continue as positive responses have been coming in."


Andrew wrote, "One of our goals for 2006 was to establish a regional base in the Northern Province of Sierra Leone. The ministry was launched in Makeni on December 9th. Previously a meeting was held with pastors from various churches. When I presented our plan to establish a base there, they really welcomed the idea and said that the establishment of GRN work in the north was timely. Being the least literate province in the country, our materials are effective tools in reaching their congregations and the local people. So the door has been opened for yet more ministry."

Let us pray for the GRN team in Sierra Leone, a country so needing the Gospel to heal the scars of war and to save its people for God's kingdom.

The challenge of the unfinished task in Sierra Leone

The pride and superiority shown by the Krio 'Christian' population and the continued growth of Islam limited church growth in the tribal hinterland. During the 20th Century Islam grew from 10% to maybe 80% of the population. Nearly every tribe has, to a great extent, been Islamized yet in most there is a growing Christian minority.

Pray for renewed vision among Evangelicals for effective outreach to -

  • The partially evangelized Temne, Mende, Yalunka, Kuranko and Loko people. Only the Kono of all the peoples have over 10% Christian.
  • The Muslim Fulbe, Susu, Malinke and Vai and the more traditional North Kissi, Klao and Bom who remain without significant outreach or response.

(From 'Operation World'.)

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