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  • Nets that Work - Ed Young draws parallels between "fishing for men" (Luke 5:1-11) and Global Recordings Network.
  • Trekabout Nepal: Good News from Down Under - GRN Australia's Trekabout Nepal 2011, involved eleven people who visited about 20 villages to share the Gospel.
  • Chachi Recording - The Amazon in Ecuador is a place of huge diversity of different cultures.
  • A Single Overriding Objective - Our overriding objective at GRN is telling the story of Jesus in every language. It's all about evangelism and introducing the least-reached peoples to Jesus Christ.
  • From the Diary of Joy Ridderhof - Joy Ridderhof founded GRN in 1939 ... read this devotional extract from her diary.
  • GRN Needs Recordists - Global Recordings Network needs recordists to take the story of Jesus to the language groups and oral cultures that are still without their own Bible or knowledge of the Savior.
  • GRN Recordings Transformed our Ministry - My family served as missionaries in Nigeria for 17 years. It was an incredible time of seeing God move in amazing ways. He worked through the recordings of GRN more times than I can remember. Our ministry was transformed by the recordings.
  • Not Just Another Day! - We have three recordists flying out to northern Colombia in seven hours, and no money to give them for their trip ... we are broke, wet and cold. There have been lots of other attacks as well, but we rejoice knowing God is also preparing great blessings for the work here!
  • Opportunities to Help - Like to know how you can be involved? There are many ways in which you can contribute to the work of GRN.
  • Well Hidden - Graci Moto, GRN Brazil team leader shares her assurance that God is our perfect hiding place.
  • Focus on Sudan: Closing the GAP - With close to 300 languages spoken by the Sudanese people, there is still much work to be done if we are to close the gap and make the message of hope available to every indigenous people group. To this end, GRN is partnering with another mission to work towards this faith-stretching goal.
  • Good News for the Karen Sgaw people of Thailand - Nan was excited to learn more about the work of GRN Thailand. "Even though most mountain people have not been educated and cannot read or write, they can learn about God through listening to recordings."
  • Project India: We're in it for the Long Haul! - With 1600 languages and dialects spoken throughout India, we have a long way to go to make His message available in every language. But we are in this for the long haul.
  • The Ecuador Connection - We often have a list of language projects waiting to be funded. Such was the case with a language project for Ecuador.
  • Kenya - This article focuses on the ministry of GRN Kenya and the challenge of 're-evangelising' a once 'Christian' Nation.
  • Connecting People to God's Word in Bangladesh - Literacy in Bangladesh is low. The need for culturally appropriate audio and audiovisual materials that clearly presents the truth of God's word is immense.
  • The Ups and Downs of Recording Life in Nepal - GRN Nepal Director Surendra shares the highlights and challenges of recording in Nepal
  • Ministry Profile: True Commitment - Stephanie Vernon's work among the Tibetan Buddhist peoples took her throughout the Himalayas and beyond read her story and the role Gospel Recordings played in her ministry
  • Spellbound!- GRN materials for refugees in NY - Read how GRN materials are being used with refugees in New York.
  • Making Jesus known from the Amazon to the Andes - Read the amazing testimonies of the staff of GRN Mexico
  • A Knight in the Desert - The Martu project is the first of what is hoped will be an extended program that will result in the recording of previously translated Scriptures and Bible material in about 17 Aboriginal languages.
  • Share The Noise - Share the Noise is a partnership that uses Saber players to make "mobile schools" to teach the people about health and faith in their own language.
  • Hearing the gospel in Vietnam and Laos - How a local worker has used the Saber to play gospel messages in Vietnam and Laos.
  • An Arctic Assignment - Good News for the Sami people of Lapland - Our purpose for going to Lapland was not to see how much cold we could endure, but to make recordings of the Good News for the Sami people. The Sami are one of the indigenous peoples of northern Europe,
  • A Passion for the Peoples of Siberia - Tim and Iris Loomans are recordists working in Siberia with GRN .
  • 'My heart opens faster!'- The importance of the heart language - God's mission is that every people group hear the gospel in their own language.
  • Recording in India...and the on-field preparation needed - Lok Gurung gives us a glimpse into the preparations needed before getting into the actual recording work.
  • Nigeria - What does not appear in the press is the news that God is at work in Nigeria.
  • India - Hearing God's Voice - Varanasi is a 'Holy' City for Hindus. Every day, thousands of devotees from around the world visit the temples around the city. Witnessing to Christ in this environment is tough and risky!
  • Stories from Asia - GRN resources are being used to further God's Kingdom in Asia.

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