unfoldingWord 22 - John Laga Jonom

unfoldingWord 22 - John Laga Jonom

Outline: Luke 1

Script Number: 1222

Language: Nagamese

Audience: General

Genre: Bible Stories & Teac

Purpose: Evangelism; Teaching

Bible Quotation: Paraphrase

Status: Approved

Scripts are basic guidelines for translation and recording into other languages. They should be adapted as necessary to make them understandable and relevant for each different culture and language. Some terms and concepts used may need more explanation or even be replaced or omitted completely.

Script Text

Bisi sal ago-te, Isor pora tailaga bhaubadikhan ke kotha koithakise aru taikhan pora manukhan ke Isor laga kotha kobole dise. Charso-sal pichete bi Isor taikhan ke kotha nakoa hoi jaise. Tetia Isor pora Zacharias kun pujari thakise, tai ke ekta sorgoduth pathaise. Zacharias aru tailaga maiki Elizabeth Isor ke bisi adar korikena thakise. Tai duijon bisi bura-buri hoijaise aru Elizabeth bacha jonom kuribole paranai.

Zacharias ke sorgoduth pora koise; ‘Apuni laga maiki ekta chokora ke jonom dibo. Apuni tailaga nam John rakhibo. Tai jonom hoa logote tai logote Pobitro-Aatma thakibo, aru Isor nimite manukhane Masiha ahibole thaka nimite taiar kuribo!’’ Zacharias koise; ‘Ami duijon toh bacha jonom kuribole bisi bura aru buri hoise! Itu hosa ase koikena ami kineka bujibo?’’

Tetia duth pora jawab dise; ‘‘Amike Isor pora itu khusi khobor koidibole pathaise. Hoilebi apuni ami laga kotha ke biswas kuranai, itu nimite, bacha jonom noha-a tok apuni kotha kobole naparibo.’’ Itu hoa logote, Zacharias kotha kobole napara hoise. Aru sorgoduth ta-te pora jaijaise. Pichete Zacharias tai laga ghorte wapas jaise aru tai laga maiki bacha bukhise.

Jetia Elizabeth laga pet-te bacha bukhikena choe mahina hoiasile, tetia sorgoduth juntu Zacharias logote ahise, achanak pora Elizabeth laga ghor manu, Mary logote bi ahise. Utu chukuri bisi sapha asile aru Joseph logote shadi kuribole kotha milaikena asile. Taike sorgoduth pora koise; ‘‘Apuni laga pet-te bacha bukhibo aru apuni ekta chokora ke jonom dibo aru tai laga nam Jesu rakhibo. Tai Sob-Pora-Uncha-Pormeswar-Isor laga bacha hobo aru tai hodae-hodae nimite raja hoikena thakibo.’’

Mary jawab dise; ‘‘Itu kineka pora hobole paribo, kilekoile amike ekta motabi chuanae?’’ Tetia duth pora taike samjaikena koise; ‘‘Apuni logote Pobitro Aatma ahibo aru Isor laga hokti apuni logote thakibo. Itu nimite apuni jonom dia bacha Pormeswar laga Chokora hobo.’’ Tetia Mary duth laga kotha hunikena biswas kurise.

Itu hoa laga olop din pichete, Mary tai laga ghor manu Elizabeth ke lok pabole jaise. Jetia Mary Elizabeth ke salam janaise, tetia Elizabeth laga pet bhitorte thaka bacha hilise. Isor pora ki kam kuribole ase itu nimite bisi khusi paise. Mary Elizabeth logote tin mahina tok thakise aru itu pichete tailaga ghor te wapas jaise.

Itu pichete Elizabeth ekjon chokora ke jonom dise. Zacharias aru Elizabeth pora sorgoduth koa nisina bacha laga nam John rakhise. Tetia Isor pora Zacharias ke kotha kobole paribole dise. Zacharias koise; ‘‘Isor laga nam ucha kuri ase, kilekoile Isor tailaga manukhan ke kitiabi napahore. Ami laga chokora, apuni he, Jehovah Sob Pora Uncha Isor laga bhao-badi hobo. Aru sob manukhan ke taikhan laga pap pora maph pabole laga rasta-te loijabole ase!’’

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