unfoldingWord 07 - Pathianin Jakoba mal a sawm

unfoldingWord 07 - Pathianin Jakoba mal a sawm

Outline: Genesis 25:27-35:29

Script Number: 1207

Language: Mizo

Audience: General

Genre: Bible Stories & Teac

Purpose: Evangelism; Teaching

Bible Quotation: Paraphrase

Status: Approved

Scripts are basic guidelines for translation and recording into other languages. They should be adapted as necessary to make them understandable and relevant for each different culture and language. Some terms and concepts used may need more explanation or even be replaced or omitted completely.

Script Text

Naupangte chu an rawn ṭhan len chuan, Jakoba chu puanin lama awm nuam ti mi a ni a, Esauva erawh sapêl mî tak a ni thung a.Rebeki chuan Jakoba a hmangaih zawk a, Isaaka erawh chuan Esauva a hmangaih thung a.

Ni khat chu, Esauva sa pêl rawn haw chu a ril a ṭam hle mai a. Esauva chuan Jakoba hnenah, “Khawngaih takin i ei tur siam kha min pe rawh,” a ti a. Jakoba chuan, “I fatir nihna min leitir zet la,” tiin a chhâng a. Tichuan, Esauva chuan Jakoba hnenah a fatir nihna chu a hralh tâ a. Tin, Jakoba chuan ei tur ṭhenkhat chu a pe a.

Isaaka chuan a malsawmna chu Esauva hnena hlan a duh a. Nimahsela, chu thil chu a tih hmain Rebeki leh Jakoba chuan an bum a, Jakoba chu Esauva ang a insiam in, Isaaka chu a tar in khua a hmu thei tawh lova. Esauva thuam a inbel a, kel vunte chu a nghawngah leh a kutah te chuan a inbel a.

Jakoba chu Isaaka hnênah kalin, “Esauva ka ni. Mal mi sawm theihnân ka rawn kal a ni,” a ti a. Isaaka chuan kêl hmul te chu a dap a, a thawmhnaw te chu a han hnim a, Esauva emaw a ti a, mal a sawm ta a.

Esauva chuan a fatir nihna leh a malsawmna a rûksak avângin Jakoba chu a haw ta hle a. Tichuan, a pa a thih hnuah Jakoba chu tihhlum a tum tâ a.

Nimahsela, Rebekin Esauva thil tum chu a lo hria a. Tichuan, amah leh Isaaka chuan Jakoba chu ram hla tak a Rebeki laichinte hnena cheng turin an kalbotir ta a.

Jakoba chu Rebeki laichinte hnênah kum tam tak a va awm a. Chutihlai chuan nupui a nei ta a, fapa sawm leh pahnih leh fanu pakhat a nei bawk a. Pathianin mi hausa tak ah a siam ta a.

Kanaan ram a an in a chhuahsan aṭanga kum sawmhnih hnûah chuan Jakoba chu a chhungkua te leh a bawihte, a ran rual zawng zawng te nên an in lamah a let leh ta a.

Esauvan tihhlum a la duh reng a rin avangin Jakoba chuan a hlau hle a. Tichuan, ran rual ṭhahnem tak chu Esauva pek atan a thawn a. Esauva hnena ran rual va hlantu chhiahhlawh chuan Esauva hnenah, “I chhiahhlawh Jakoba chuan heng rante hi a pe che a ni, a ni pawh a rawn thleng thuai ang,” a ti a.

Amaherawhchu, Esauva chuan Jakoba chu a lo ngaidam daih tawh a, hlimtakin an inhmu leh ta a ni. Tin Jakoba chu thlamuang takin Kanaan ram ah chuan a cheng ta a. Tin, Isaaka chu a thî a, Jakoba leh Esauva chuan an phûm ta a. Abrahama hnêna Pathian thuthlung thutiamte chu tunah chuan Isaaka hnên aṭangin Jakoba hnenah hlanchhawnin a lo awm ta a.

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