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Gospel Recordings Netherlands

"And this Good News about the Kingdom will be preached through all the world for a witness to all mankind..."

Who Are We

Gospel Recordings Netherlands is part of Global Recordings Network, an interdenominational missionary organization whose vision it is to proclaim the Gospel in all of the worlds' languages. This is being done with the use of audio materials in as many languages and dialects as possible.

Presently there are recordings in more then 6000 languages available, which you can order at our office, download without costs or listen to online. These recordings are made for evangelization and basic Bible teaching and some recordings have additional picture books of the Biblical stories. We also have hand wind mp3 players called 'Saber' for use in remote places without electricity.

GRN is a faith mission, which means that we are dependent upon gifts. Options for supporting us are found on our website

Our Principles

We believe in the inspiration and authority of the Bible and want to be obedient to the missionary mandate in Matthew 28:18-20.

Our Purpose

Gospel Recordings Netherlands aims to reach everyone with the Gospel in his/her own language within and outside the Netherlands. GRN wants to build a network with organizations and persons who have contacts with people who speak other languages, like:

  • Christian bookshops;
  • Market- and street evangelists;
  • Portmissionaries and Christians who work amongst asylum seekers;
  • Evangelization teams who work amongst truck drivers;
  • Social workers who work with prostitutes;
  • Prison evangelists;
  • Student workers;
  • Missionary organizations;
  • Churches.

Everyone who has contacts with people who speak another language and wants to evangelize amongst them may order audio materials in various languages and dialects. Please contact if you are in need of CD's or other audio materials. By means of you may also listen online to the recordings. Ideal for use with Smartphone and tablet.

If you want to know more about the work of Gospel Recordings Netherlands, you could organize a meeting. We like to tell you about the work and the latest developments. The free Newsletter keeps you informed about the present developments. Please let us know if you would like to receive our Newsletter.

Places Where We Work


The work in French speaking Belgium is being represented by Audio Vie Belgique. The PR and distribution in Flanders falls under the responsibility of the Dutch office and is being done by a local representative. GRN Belgium is represented by means of stands on the most important events form the local Churches, at missionary meetings and Christian bookshops. A Flemish CD called 'OVERhoop' has also been made.


Since 2007 GRN operates in Surinam under the name of Gospel Network Surinam. A team is active in distribution, even in the Amazon interior. They also make new recordings in local languages. From the Eastern border to the Western border contacts are being made.


Evangelists are active in distributing CD's and other materials, not only amongst the Spanish people, but also amongst the seasonal workers from abroad. A Colombian coordinator is responsible for the work from the Dutch office and works together with a local Spanish team under the name of Grabaciones Buenas Nuevas. Contacts are being made where possible to make new recordings of the local Spanish dialects.


Marie Curiestraat 37

3846 BW Harderwijk

Ph: +31 (0) 341 - 769092



Sounds of Life - Maart 2014 (PDF 421Kb)

Dankbaar . . . Komt Tot Mij, Allen Die Vermoed En Belast Zijt, En Ik Zal U Rust Geven; (Matth. 11:28) . . . Visitekaartjes Om Uit Te Delen . . . Waarom Verhalen Vertellen? . . .


Sounds of Life - Sep 2013 (PDF 414Kb)

Making Choices . . . Biblical Education in Soukolo . . . Evangelisation in Farsi . . . Kidsclub 2012 in Arnhemland, Australia . . . Rewards Will Be Distributed . . .


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