स्विटजरलैंड से संबंधित जानकारी

Area (sq km):41,290
FIPS Country Code:SZ
ISO Country Code:CH
GRN Office:Audio Vie Switzerland

Map of स्विटजरलैंड

Map of स्विटजरलैंड

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French [France] - ISO Language [fra]

German, Standard [Germany] - ISO Language [deu]

German, Swiss: Basel [Switzerland] - ISO Language [gsw]

Italian [Italy] - ISO Language [ita]

Romanche: Puter [Switzerland] [roh]

Romansh: Vallader [Switzerland] [roh]

Rumantsch: Oberland [Switzerland] [roh]

स्विटजरलैंड में जन समूह

Albanian, general; Americans, U.S.; Arab, Lebanese; Austrian, Bavarian; Bosniak; British; Croat; Czech; Deaf; Dutch; Filipino, Tagalog; Franco-Provencal; Franco-Swiss; German; German Swiss; Greek; Gypsy, Swiss; Han Chinese, Mandarin; Hungarian; Italian; Iu Mien; Japanese; Jew, French Speaking; Kurd, Kurmanji; Lombard; Macedonian; Portuguese; Rhaeto-Romanian; Romanian; Romani, Sinte; Russian; Serb; South Asian, general; Spaniard; Swedish; Thai, Central; Tibetan, Shangri La; Turk; Walser;

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Audio Vie Switzerland - General information, articles, news and contact details about GRN Switzerland.

Philippe Tapernoux - CEO GRN Switzerland (Audiovie Suisse). After retiring from a career in the watch business, the Lord gave Philippe a new career with GRN in Switzerland with involvement also in Africa.

Echos d'Audio Gospel - Echos d'Audio Gospel is the newsletter of GRN Switzerland, published 2 or 3 times each year. It will keep you up to date with the work of GRN in French-speaking countries.