Reaching immigrants with

Reaching immigrants with

ఈ పేజీ ప్రస్తుతం తెలుగు లో అందుబాటులో లేదు.

My wife and I are basic cell phone people who wanted a basic cell phone that we can make and receive calls and do some texting. Two years ago, we heard about and decided to buy a smart phone so we could learn how to share the Gospel in the various languages of people we come in contact with. We would never have spent $300 or $400 on a phone, but we did because we saw the opportunity to share Christ with immigrants we meet in the USA.

All of the bugs must not have been worked out of when we bought the iPhone. We experimented with the phone and had some success when we could get connected to a wireless service. As a result, I hadn't tried to use in more than six months.

This last Sunday [25 August, 2013] we were at a party where some friends had brought a lady who recently arrived from Nepal. I decided to try again and, praise the Lord, I was able to find and download a message in her mother tongue in about a minute, with just two bars on the cell phone service. Our friends were trying to tell her about Jesus in English of which she partially understood. With my iPhone she was able to hear a Word of Life message in Nepali. She wouldn't give me my phone back until she heard the entire message. I showed our friends how to go into when they got home to play the Good News and Look, Listen, and Live, and other messages.

We praise God and congratulate GRN in getting the bugs worked out of so anyone with a smart phone can easily find and play any one of over 5,400 languages on their cell phone with just the cell phone service.

David Derby,

former mobilization staff member of GRN-USA

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