Thembi - Зулу

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Dramatized presentations of a story or parable.

Номер программы: 66238
Название языка: Зулу

Продолжительность программы: 47:03

Notes about the recording

A story about Thembi a young girl living in rural Zululand with her mother, father and two brothers. She is limping in one leg and she suffers from severe nightmares of snakes attacking her. Her parents are unsure what to do. Her two brothers are born-again Christians and believe Thembi should go and consult with the priest. Thembi’s father however is a very stubborn man and he believes in his forefathers and the customs of his people. He insists taking Thembi to the Sangoma. The Sangoma gives Thembi some traditional medicine and convinces Thembi’s father that Thembi must become a Sangoma. With the help of the Sangoma, Thembi begins practising as a Sangoma. While she is trying to heal other people she is still suffering from her nightmares. One day walking in the veld she is bitten by a poisonous snake. Her brothers hear her shouting for help. They rush to her aid and take her to the clinic and fetch the priest to pray for Thembi. Thembi recovers fully and is also converted and accepts Jesus as her Saviour. This video is distributed by GRN with the permission from Igoli Films and Mema Media.

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