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Free downloads

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It is estimated there are over 12,000 spoken languages and dialects in the world. GRN has recorded gospel messages and/or basic Bible teaching in more than 6,000 of them. Most are available for free download!

Just search for the language you want, and see what material is available.

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Материалы для евангелизации и изучения Библии - Global Recordings Network записывает аудиоматериалы для евангелизации и начального изучения Библии на тысячах языков, а также печатает книжки с картинками и выпускает аудиоплееры с ручным приводом.

Script Library - GRN scripts used as a basis for translation into many languages

People can't stop listening to GRN Recordings - Read testimonials from around the world about how effective GRN recordings are for teaching Bible stories and evangelism.