Audio Bibles for Sight Impaired Seniors

Your donation will assist in bringing the good news about God to senior citizens who have a sight impairment

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How many retirement villages are in your city/town?

How many of the people living there are able to still read the Bible?

How many of them cannot afford it to purchase an Audio Bibles for themselves? Or do not even know of its existence?

This is a joint project Global Recordings Network Southern Africa (GRNSA) runs in partnership with Badisa. Badisa is a South African social services organisation providing professional services to those in need from the cradle to the grave, regardless of their race or religion.

How can you join in?

Print the form (download the 30Kb PDF from here) then make contact with the managing authority at the retirement complex. Ask their permission to find anyone who needs an audio bible - and ask for their assistance with the survey.

Our experience is that they welcome the fact that someone is interested in the well-being of their people, especially in the cases of the church-subsidised facilities.

When this information received, we list the need in the campaign. When we get a sponsor for that need, that sponsor finance the player and we load the player and send it directly to the manager of the retirement village. We put the managers of the retirement homes in charge.

Also, the person receiving the Bible, receives ownership for life, but when that person one day passes away, the retirement home may give the Bible to someone else who may have the need to have one.

We follow up with the contact people whose names get filled in on the forms - the managers of the retirement homes. The sponsors registers and pays the money online. We arrange purchase, loading and mailing.

You can download a list of the latest needs in this campaign (138Kb PDF) from here.

If you would like to sponsor a player, the player costs are as follows:

  • Megavoice Envoy Bible (player, microchip, electrical charger, earphones + tin container (incl postage) + 1 translation of the Bible loaded: R450 (+-$29)
  • The Megavoice Envoy may be ordered without the the extras for R350.00 ($23)
  • The Megavoice Storyteller loaded with a New Testament for R250.00 ($16)
  • AudiBible player (with microchip), earphones + 1 translation of the Bible loaded + postage: R420 (+-$27)

You can donate by clicking the button below, designating your gift 'Audio Bibles for Sight Impaired Seniors'.

  • Ons wil net graag namens die Bestuur en inwoners van Huis De Kuilen u hartlik bedank vir julle besoek asook die oorhandiging van die Stem-Bybels aan van die inwoners.

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