Planting a Gospel Seed

Graham McDonald and Christine Platt
Graham McDonald and Christine Platt

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Wondering how the good news about Jesus can spread in our diverse communities?

Lately, we at GRN have been amazed by how many ministries are sharing our 5fish app with their communities!

When finding out about the 5fish app for the first time, many people find it useful to have a business size card with our logo and QR code that takes people straight to the app where they can find bible stories in their heart languages.

In the past financial year, we've sent out over 30,000 5fish cards to ministries across Australia. Our good friend Graham McDonald, a Power To Change missionary, has been hard at work talking to a wide range of people who love telling other people about Jesus. They are ordering 5fish cards from us so that they can help people listen to the good news in the language that means most to them!

To give a few snapshots of some of these ministries, last Christmas Mission Australia in WA distributed 1200 care packs at their Christmas lunch and included 5fish cards in them. Recently, a pastor from Guildford ordered 2000 5fish cards for use at an outreach in a local park among primarily Arabic speaking people. Ron from "Mission to the Riverina" has been ordering cards for their outreach events and promotion of evangelism amongst 14 churches in the Riverina area encompassing places such as Cohen and Griffith. One gentleman reported putting 500 cards into the letterboxes of a high rise block of flats while his wife visited her hairdresser.

Suren from Seven Hills Anglican finds out from publicly listed information who has moved in to the suburb recently and organises church welcome packs containing flyers about the church and its activities, and a pen and chocolate. A team from the church delivers these packs on a Saturday morning every couple of months. With the many migrants moving in to the area, they include 5fish cards in these packs and where possible they show people how to listen to the good news in their mother tongue! Jenny from Pennant Hills Anglican orders 5fish cards in all the native languages of the students in her English class. The church runs English conversation classes as a point of contact and outreach in their community. Plumpton Community Church uses 5fish cards in their street ministry in Mt Druitt each Thursday night.

And that's just a small sample of the many churches and ministries that are sharing 5fish with their neighbours. We thank God for them and are encouraged to see 5fish use in Australia has increased 20% over the last year. Let's pray together that their efforts will bear much fruit allowing people from all different backgrounds to understand the good news and respond to the opportunity to become one of God's children.

Are 5fish cards something your church or ministry could use? Some ministries arrange with us to have them printed with information about their organisation on the back. Others are happy to receive and distribute the complementary cards we have in a dozen common languages. Please get in touch with us on 02 9899 2211 or email Christina Thomas in Australia to order.

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