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Our vision is to see the Good News in EVERY language on earth.

GRN is at your service providing audio evangelism messages in most of the world's languages. For oral societies and unevangelized peoples these materials are often the key to them coming to know who Jesus is. They are also useful for communicating with people from other nations who live in your community. Maybe you don't speak their language, but it's likely we do!

We still have thousands of languages and dialects that still need to be recorded. Your skills, resources and partnership can help make this happen! Together we can deliver the gospel of Jesus Christ to many unreached peoples for the very first time in their history! We invite you to be a part of this strategic last days ministry.


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16131 N Vernon Dr. Tucson AZ, 85739 (see map)

전화: 520-395-1399, or toll-free (in the US only) 888-444-7872 for ordering evangelism materials or making donations by credit card

Office hours: Mon thru Fri 8:30am to 5:00pm PT (Please do not call Wednesday mornings 10:00am to 12:00pm, our staff prayer time)



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