Passing the Baton

Passing the Baton

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We at Global Recordings Network are here because God has allowed us to see the vision of using audio messages in every language to spread His Gospel to the ends of the earth. How do we pass that vision on to the next generations?

Those of us who have had the opportunity to serve with GRN know a well-kept secret: we are part of the greatest adventure in the world.

For field staff, the adventure may include travel, personal sacrifice, meeting those from all walks of life (from lepers to chiefs, from the homeless to royalty), and always includes the "unknown." For home base workers, life's adventure may include more home comforts and less "unknown", but also includes the difficulties associated with trying to explain what exactly we do! Wherever we are the journey includes a close walk with the God of the Universe.

Because we are essentially a faith mission, it is He Himself who calls us, equips us, leads us, provides for us. The Lord keeps us here as long as He wants. The pathways He has us walk may be dark and scary or full of warmth and sunshine. They may be rocky or grassy. We may be surrounded by church, family, and friends, or we may tread a lonely path. We may be well-supported or scarcely surviving financially. We may enjoy health or we may have to learn to live with suffering. Through what He brings into our lives, He teaches us more of His ways. We are blessed to be where He leads us.

How do we pass on to the next generations the glory and the wonder as well as the challenges inherent in this adventure? "Deputation" has been impossible for the past two years. Maintaining contact with our supporting churches has been a challenge, while sharing our vision with new people - students, retirees, home-bound missionaries, and the wider Church out there - has been even more challenging.

As in a relay race, if the "hand-off" is bobbled, the team is unlikely to win. How can we "pass the baton"? We are asking for your help in this. Pray that the Lord of the Harvest will send us choice laborers. Pray that He will call younger people to this work. Tell your kids, grand-kids, neighbor and church young people about this race - life-and-death for so many out there - and pray that we may pass our batons on to them and see them "Go" - wherever He may lead them.


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