Lilongwe District (Malawi) Distribution


Sofeleti Mwambe leads a kids club in Nkhoma.."teaching the kids will be easier now"
"I just hear these stories, now I can see how things happened. Thank you so much."
Over 30 listening groups in the Chichewa language - hearing about salvation

There are currently 30 listening groups gathering on at least a weekly basis listening to our Bible story sets combod with Audio Bibles in the Chichewa language.

We would like to undertake a followup trip to this area, specifically around Nkhoma, to inspect the AudiBibles used by about 30 study groups, repair or replace faulty players and/or damaged picture materials. Also to sit with the listeners and measure the impact of these materials in these villages. There are also group leaders who haven't got the use of the players right yet. More time needs to be spent with them to teach them how to find their way around the players.

Although the Chichewa language is not a GRN Priority one language as such, something hinders the Chewa to mature spiritually and grow into independent, indigenous believing communities duplicating themselves.

Also, Chichewa is the trade language in Malawi to a large extent, so people from most other language groups also speak Chichewa, so it is important to equip the Chewa to share the Message of the Bible with others.

Feedback shows us that our pictorial story sets bring the Gospel closer to their hearts and seem to bring people to a better understanding of the Gospel Message. We believe this has something to do with our audiovisual story sets helping people to engagement with Scripture more effectively.

The audiovisual programs seems to to really grip the attention of the elderly, adults and young. One old lady who asked for pocket picture books to take home, said: "I just hear these stories, now I can see how things happened. Thank you so much."

Sofeleti Mwambe leads a kids club in Nkhoma: "I am very happy to receive this audio Bible player and picture books. This is the first time we receive teaching materials and I haven't had any training. My work of teaching the kids will be easier now. I will not just use this in the kids club, but also when we meet in different women groups. These are so helpful."

Estimated costs per trip: R15,000.00

If the Lord leads you to contribute towards this project, you can donate by clicking the link below, designating your gift 'Lilongwe District Distribution Project'.


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