GRNは、キリスト教の伝道と弟子としての視聴覚資料を、世界で最も到達度の低い言語グループに提供する大手プロバイダーです。 私たちの情熱は、翻訳された経典や実行可能な地元の教会がない場所、または書かれた経典や一部が利用できるが、それを読んだり理解したりできる人がほとんどいない場所で働くことです。

視聴覚資料は、口頭学習者に適したストーリー形式で福音を伝えるため、特に強力な伝道媒体です。 当社の録音は、当社のWebサイトから無料でダウンロードでき、CD、電子メール、Bluetooth、およびその他のメディアを介して配布できます。

1939年の創業以来、約6,500の言語で録音を行ってきました。 それは週に1言語以上です! これらの多くは、世界で最も到達度の低い言語グループです。

  • GRN trains and deploys missionary recordists to nations all around the world - no language is too obscure, and no village is too remote.

  • GRN aims to communicate God's truth accurately and clearly for each language and culture, especially those who are small, isolated and under-resourced.

  • GRN works in partnership with many organisations and at many levels from local to International.

  • God is the source of all we need, and he uses various channels to supply our needs, especially the generous gifts of his people.

  • The goal of the Global Recordings Network is to provide the gospel to every tribe and tongue and nation.

  • What we believe - the GRN statement of faith.

  • GRN OrganizationGRN Organization - GRN is a global alliance of approximately 50 operations (Centres and Bases), connected by a common commitment and agreement.
  • Frequently Asked QuestionsFrequently Asked Questions - Frequently Asked Questions about the organisation and ministry of the Global Recordings Network
  • GRN Annual Report 2021GRN Annual Report 2021 - A snapshot of GRN's activities in 2021
  • GRN Annual Report 2020GRN Annual Report 2020 - A snapshot of GRN's activities in 2020
  • The History of GRNThe History of GRN - A God given vision of a single Spanish record has grown into a mission network of more than 30 countries and over 6000 language varieties.

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Short Term Mission Opportunities - A first hand taste of the mission field with GRN.

Global News - Latest news about the ministry and resources of the Global Recordings Network from around the world.

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