Audio Bibles

Audio Bibles


Global Recordings Network has recordings of Bible stories and simple Bible teaching in over 6,000 languages. We also have portions of the Bible (audio scripture) in many of those languages. There are also other programs based directly on scripture, such as the Portrait of Jesus and The Jesus Story - see Other Audio-only Recordings for more information.

Our recordings can be downloaded free of charge in audio and video formats from our website, and distributed via CD/DVDs, email, USB sticks, bluetooth and other media. Use our search to find your language.

If you do not find what you need, please check at Faith Comes By Hearing. They offer downloads of full Bibles in many languages and the New Testament and selected Old Testament books in many other languages where a full Bible is not available.

GRN's mission is to tell the story of Jesus in every language. Please consider making a donation to help fund recording and distribution trips. Donate here or contact your local GRN Office for details.


Audio and Audio-Visual Materials - A wide range of culturally appropriate resources in 6347 language varieties, particularly suited for oral communicators.

Languages of the World - Search for languages and other speech varieties by name or code.