Burkina Faso

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Area (sq km):274,200
FIPS Country Code:UV
ISO Country Code:BF
GRN Office:Audiovie Burkina Faso

About Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso is a landlocked country of the Sahel in West Africa.

Over 80% of the population relies on subsistence agriculture.

It has been independent of France since 1960.

The capital city is Ouagadougou.


  • Gur-Voltaic (48 groups) - 69.9%
  • Mande peoples - 14.8%
  • West Atlantic - 11%
  • Other African - 4.1%
  • Non-Africans - 0.2%

The total population in 2000 AD) was approximately 12 million.


The official language is French, spoken by 10% of the population.

Trade languages - Moore and Jula in the south.

A total of 71 languages are spoken.

Of these l;anguages, only 6 have a complete Bible, and 11 have the New Testament.

The literacy rate is 14%.


  • Muslim: 50%
  • Traditional religion: 30%
  • Christian: 18%

Map of Burkina Faso

Map of Burkina Faso

Langues et dialectes parlés en Burkina Faso

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Noms de langues Enregistrements disponibles
Birifor, Malba [Burkina Faso] - ISO Language [bfo]
Birifor, Malba: Wile [Burkina Faso] [bfo]
Bisa [Burkina Faso] - ISO Language [bib]
Bisa: Barka [Burkina Faso] [bib]
Bisa: Lebir [Burkina Faso] [bib]
Ble [Burkina Faso, Komoé] - ISO Language [bxl]
Bobo Fing: Santidougou [Burkina Faso] [bwq]
Bobo Madare, Southern [Burkina Faso] - ISO Language [bwq]
Bobo Madare, Southern: Benge [Burkina Faso, Houé] [bwq]
Bobo Madare, Southern: Sogokiré [Burkina Faso] [bwq]
Bolon [Burkina Faso, Kénédougou] - ISO Language [bof]
Bwamu [Burkina Faso] - ISO Language [box]
Cerma [Burkina Faso, Komoé] - ISO Language [cme]
Dagaari Dioula [Burkina Faso] - ISO Language [dgd]
Dagaari, Northern: Lobi [Burkina Faso] [dgi]
Dagaari, Northern: Nura [Burkina Faso] [dgi]
Dagara: Wile [Burkina Faso] [dgi]
Dioula [Burkina Faso, Komoé] - ISO Language [dyu]
Djan [Burkina Faso] - ISO Language [dya]
Doghosie [Burkina Faso, Komoé] - ISO Language [dos]
Dogose: Klamaasise [Burkina Faso] [dos]
Dogose: Lutise [Burkina Faso] [dos]
Dogose: Mesise [Burkina Faso] [dos]
Dogose: Sukurase [Burkina Faso] [dos]
Dzuungoo: Dzungo [Burkina Faso, Kénédougou] - ISO Language [dnn]
Français [New Caledonia] - ISO Language [fra]
French: Africa [Cameroon] [fra]
Fulfulde, Northeastern Burkina Faso: Liptaakoore [Burkina Faso, Sèno] [fuh]
Fulfulde, Western Niger: Barani [Burkina Faso, Houé] [fuh]
Fulfulde, Western Niger: Gourmantche [Burkina Faso, Gourma] [fuh]
Fulfulde, Western Niger: Jelgoore [Burkina Faso] [fuh]
Gan [Burkina Faso, Poni] - ISO Language [gna]
Gouin [Burkina Faso] [cme]
Gourmanchéma [Burkina Faso] - ISO Language [gux]
Gourma: Northern [Burkina Faso] [gux]
Gourma: Southern [Burkina Faso] [gux]
Jula: Kong [Burkina Faso, Komoé] [dyu]
Kalamse: Loroni [Burkina Faso, Sourou] [knz]
Karaboro, Eastern [Burkina Faso, Komoé] - ISO Language [xrb]
Karaboro, Western [Burkina Faso] - ISO Language [kza]
Kasem [Ghana, Upper East] - ISO Language [xsm]
Khisa [Côte d'Ivoire, Zanza] - ISO Language [kqm]
Ko [Burkina Faso] - ISO Language [kst]
Koromfé [Burkina Faso] - ISO Language [kfz]
Kpatogo [Burkina Faso, Bougouriba] [gna]
Lobi [Burkina Faso] - ISO Language [lob]
Lyele [Burkina Faso] - ISO Language [lee]
Maraka [Burkina Faso] [rkm]
Moore [Burkina Faso] - ISO Language [mos]
Moore: Yana [Burkina Faso, Gourma] [mos]
Moore: Zaore [Burkina Faso] [mos]
Natioro: Ginaourou [Burkina Faso] [nti]
Natuoro [Burkina Faso, Komoé] [nti]
Ninisi [Burkina Faso] [sym]
Noumou [Burkina Faso, Komoé] [lig]
Nuni [Burkina Faso] - ISO Language [nnw]
Pana [Burkina Faso] [Burkina Faso, Sourou] - ISO Language [pnq]
Pougouli [Burkina Faso, Bougouriba] - ISO Language [pug]
Samoga [Burkina Faso] [sos]
Samogho: Dyanka [Burkina Faso] [dnn]
Samogho, Maya [Burkina Faso] - ISO Language [sym]
Samogho: Nyanakan [Burkina Faso] [dnn]
Samo, Matya [Burkina Faso] - ISO Language [stj]
Samo, Southern [Burkina Faso] - ISO Language [sbd]
Sembla [Burkina Faso] - ISO Language [sos]
Senoufo, Nanerige [Burkina Faso, Kénédougou] - ISO Language [sen]
Senoufo, Sicite [Burkina Faso, Kossi] - ISO Language [sep]
Siamou [Burkina Faso] - ISO Language [sif]
Siamou: Landougou [Burkina Faso] [sif]
Sininkere [Burkina Faso, Sanmatenga] - ISO Language [skq]
Sissala [Burkina Faso] - ISO Language [sld]
Songhay: Maranse [Burkina Faso, Sanmatenga] [hmb]
Tiefo [Burkina Faso, Komoé] - ISO Language [tiq]
Toussian, Northern [Burkina Faso] - ISO Language [tsp]
Toussian, Southern [Burkina Faso] - ISO Language [wib]
Turka [Burkina Faso, Komoé] - ISO Language [tuz]
Turka: Douna [Burkina Faso] [tuz]
Vigue [Burkina Faso, Houé] - ISO Language [vig]
Wara [Burkina Faso] - ISO Language [wbf]
Wara: Faniagara [Burkina Faso] [wbf]
Wara: Negueni-Klani [Burkina Faso] [wbf]
Wara: Ouatourou-Niasogoni [Burkina Faso] [wbf]
Wara: Soulani [Burkina Faso] [wbf]
Wuniahebe [Burkina Faso]

Groupes de personnes en Burkina Faso

Algerian, Arabic-speaking; Bambara; Bariba; Biali; Birifor, Northern; Bissa; Ble, Jalkunan; Bobo Fing; Bobo Madare; Bolon; Bozo, Tieyaxo; Buamu; Bwamu, Laa Laa; Bwamu, Twi; Dagaari Dioula, Wala; Dagara; Deaf; Dioula; Dogon, Tomo Kan; Dogose, Doghosie; Dogoso; Dyan; Dzuun, Samogo; English-Speaking, general; Ewe; Farefare; French; Fulani, Gorgal; Fulani, Gurmanche; Fulani, Jelgooji; Fulani, Maasina; Gouin, Cerma; Gourma; Hausa; Jotoni, Jowulu; Kaan, Gan; Karaboro, Eastern; Karaboro, Western; Kasem; Khe; Khisa; Kolsi, Ko, Winye; Kpeego; Kurumfe, Fulse; Kusasi; Lela, Lyele; Lobi; Maninka, Eastern; Marka, Dafing; Moba; Mossi, Moore; Natioro; Nuna, Nouni; Nuna, Nunuma; Pana, Sama; Pwo; Red Bobo, Bwa; Samo, Kalemse, Samoma; Samo, Maya, Sanan-Bangassogo; Samo, Northwestern, Samo Matya; Samo Southern, Sanan-Toma; Seemogo; Senoufo, Central; Senoufo, Nanerige; Senoufo, Niangolo; Siamou; Sininkere; Sissala; Songhai-Humburi Senni; Tenbo, Loron; Tiefo; Toussian, Northern; Toussian, Southern; Tuareg, Tamasheq; Turka; Vige, Viemo; Wara; Yoruba; Zerma, Dyerma;

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