unfoldingWord 21 - Isor Masiha Pathabole Kosom Dise

unfoldingWord 21 - Isor Masiha Pathabole Kosom Dise

Script Number: 1221

Language: Nagamese

Audience: General

Genre: Bible Stories & Teac

Purpose: Evangelism; Teaching

Bible Quotation: Paraphrase

Status: Approved

Scripts are basic guidelines for translation and recording into other languages. They should be adapted as necessary to make them understandable and relevant for each different culture and language. Some terms and concepts used may need more explanation or even be replaced or omitted completely.

Script Text

Jetia Isor prithibi banaise, utu homoe pora he tai Masiha prithibi te pathabole bhabona asile. Tai Adam aru Eve ke itu kosom di rakhise. Eve laga khandankhan majote ekta jonom hobo jun he sap laga matha kuchai dibo koise. Saitan he sap nisina sabole hoikena Eve ke thokai dise. Hoilebi Saitan ke Masiha pora haraidibole Isor laga bhabona asile.

Isor pora Abraham ke kosom dise aru tai nimite pritibi manu jatikhan sob asis pabo koise. Isor pora utu kosom Masiha ke pathaikena pura kurise. Masiha he prithibi te thaka manu-laga-dolkhan laga pap pora taikhan ke bachai lobo.

Isor pora Moses ke ahibole laga din te tai dusra ekta bhaubadi pathabo koise. Masiha he bhaubadi hobo. Itu nisina, Isor Masiha ke pathabole kosom dise.

Isor pora David raja ke tailaga khandankhan bhitorte he ekta jonom hobo aru tai he Masiha hobo koise. Aru tai raja hobo aru Isor laga manukhan uporte hodai nimite raj kuribo koise.

Isor pora bhaubadi Jeremiah ke kotha koise aru tai ekta Notun Niom milabo koise. Utu Notun Niom pora purana niom jintu Isor Israel logote Sinai pahar uporte milaise, utu nisina nohobo koise. Itu Notun Niom Isor tailaga manukhan logote banabo aru taekhan Isorke aru bhal pora janibole dibo koise. Taikhan ekjon-ekjon pora Isorke morom kuribo aru tailaga kotha khan manibo koise. Isor pora tailaga niomkhan taikhan laga mon te likhibo koise. Taikhan Isor laga manu hoijabo aru Isor pora taikhan laga pap sob maph kuridibo. Masiha he taikhan logote itu Notun Niom banabo.

Isor laga bhaubadikhan pora koise taikhan laga Masiha ekta bhaubadi, pujari aru raja hobo koise. Bhaubadikhan Isor laga monte thaka kotha sob janithake, aru Isor laga itu khobor khan manukhan ke koithake. Juntu Masiha Isor pora dibo koikena kosom dise itu bhaubadi sob pora tai he bisi bhal hobo koise. Itu Masiha he Isor laga kothakhan bhal pora hunibo, bhal pora bujibo aru tai pora he manukhan ke itu sob bhal pora hikaidibo.

Israel laga purohitkhan tailaga manukhan nimite janwarkhan bolidan korikena Isorke puja kurithakise. Aru itu kura motlob toh taikhan laga pap sob jolaidise. Purohitkhan Israel manukhan nimite Isor ke prathna kuridi thakise. Hoilebi Masiha he taikhan sob pora bhal maha purohit hobo aru tai he nijorke marikena Isor logote puja kuridibo. Tai eku pap nathaka ase itu nimite tai nijorke marikena bolidan koriloile, manukhan aru ketia bi taikhan laga pap hatabole janwar marikena bolidan kuribole nalagibo.

Rajakhan aru sorkari-sahabkhan manukhan raj kura homoete galti kam bisi kurijae. Raja David Israel laga manukhan uporte raj kurise. Masiha juntu David laga khandan pora ahibole ase, tai pura prithibi uporte raj kuribo aru tai hodae nimite raj kuribo. Aru, tai hodai nimite ki thik ase itu niomkhan cholaikena raj koribo aru thik phaisla dibo.

Isor laga bhaubadikhan Masiha laga aru bisi kotha koise. Ekta kotha ineka ase, bhaubadi Malachi pora koise Masiha laga age-te, dusra ekta bhaubadi ahibo. Aru utu bhaubadi bisi khas hobo. Itu nisina, bhaubadi Isaiah pora likhise- Masiha ekta sapah maiki junke mota pora ketia bi chuania, itu pora jonom hobo koise. Arubi bhaubadi Micah pora koise Masiha Bethelehem laga taun te jonom kuribo.

Bhaubadi Isaiah koise Masiha Galilee phine thakibo. Masiha pora tailaga manu kandi thakakhan sob laga mondukh hatai dibo koise. Koidi ghorte bandikena aru dhurikena rakhi thaka sob ke charidibo koise. Itu masiha pora kisim kisim bimar thaka manu ke changai kuridibo aru kunkhan laga kan pora iku nahone, kunkhan laga suku pora iku nadikhe, aru kunkhan laga mukh pora kotha kobole napare, aru kunkhan berabole napare taikhan sob ke Masiha pora bhal kuridibo koise.

Bhaubadi Isaiah pora itu bi koise manukhan pora Masiha ke bisi ghin kuribo, aru tai koa kotha khan namanibo aru taike bi ketiabi khusi napabo. Dusra bhaubadikhan koise Masiha laga ekta sathi he tailaga dusman hoijabo. Bhaubadi Zacharias pora koise manukhan taike ineka kuribole taike tis-ta chandi laga poisa dibo. Arubi dusra bhaubadikhan koise kunba manukhan Masiha ke moraidibo aru tailaga kapor nimite baji khelibo.

Bhaubadi khan pora Masiha kineka moribo itu bi koidise. Isaiah pora koise manukhan tailaga uporte thuk phelabo, taike sorom khilabo aru taike bisi maribo. Taikhan Masiha laga chati-kinarte hatyar ghusaidibo aru tai iku galti nathakilebi bisi dangor dukh paikena moribo.

Taikhan etubi koise Masiha ketia bi pap nakoribo. Taike eku pap nathakibo. Hoilebi manukhan laga pap nimite, Isor pora taike sajai dibo aru tai moribo. Tai morijaile he Isor aru manukhan majote shanti hobo. Itu nimite Masiha moribole lagise.

Bhaubadikhan aru koise Isor pora Masiha morija-a pichete arubi taike jinda kuridibo koise. Itu sob Isor pora Notun Niom nimite kurise, itu hoile he manukhan junkhan taike pap kurise taikhan sob ke bachai lobole nimite kurise.

Itu sob kothakhan Isor pora tailaga bhaubadi khan ke koidise, hoilebi taikhan jinda thaka homoete, Masiha ahi-a-nai. Taikhan sob morikena charso sal par hoija pichete he Isor pora Masiha ke prithibi te pathaise.

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