unfoldingWord 15 - Ramtiam

Outline: Joshua 1-24

Script Number: 1215

Language: Mizo

Audience: General

Genre: Bible Stories & Teac

Purpose: Evangelism; Teaching

Bible Quotation: Paraphrase

Status: Approved

Scripts are basic guidelines for translation and recording into other languages. They should be adapted as necessary to make them understandable and relevant for each different culture and language. Some terms and concepts used may need more explanation or even be replaced or omitted completely.

Script Text

A tawpah chuan Israelte tan Kanaan ram an luh hun a lo thleng ta a. Joshua chuan Kanaanho khawpui Jeriko, kulh bang nghet taka hung hnan ah chuan enthlatu pahnih a tîr ta a. Chu khawpuiah chuan nawhchizuar pakhat, Rahabi an tih chu a awm a, ani chuan ênthlatute chu a lo thukrû a, a hnuah an tlanchhuah theihnan a lo pui bawk a. He thil hi Pathian a rin avanga ti a ni. Anni chuan Israelten Jeriko an tihchhiat hunah Rahabi leh a chhungte chu hûmhim an tiam ta a.

Israelte chuan Ramtiam an luh theihnan Jordan lui an kân a ngai a. Pathianin Joshua hnênah, “Puithiamte chu kal hmasak tîr rawh,” a ti a. Puithiamten Jordan lui an rah veleh, tui luang lai chu a chawl ta a, tichuan, Israelte chu leichârah kalin vaukam lehlam an kai thei ta a ni.

Mipuiten Jordan lui an kân hnu chuan, Pathianin Joshua chu Jeriko khaw chak tak beih dan tur a hrilh ta a. Mipuite chuan Pathian thu chu an awih a. Pathianin a hrilh ang takin sipaite leh puithiamte chuan Jeriko khawpui chu ni ruk chhung nîtin vawi khat an hel chhuak a.

Tin, a ni sarih nî ah chuan, Israelten khawpui chu vawi sarih an helchhuak leh a. A tawpna atana an hel lai chuan, puithiamten tawtawrawt an lo ham laiin sipaite chu an lo auchhuak a.

Tin, Jeriko kulh chu a chim ta a. Israelte chuan Pathian thupêk ang ngei in khawpui chhunga awm zawng zawngte chu an tichhe ta vek a. Rahabi leh a chhungte chauh chu an zuah a, anni chu Israel hnamah an tel ve ta a ni. Israelten Jeriko an tihchhiat thu Kanaan rama hnam dang awm ten an lo hriat chuan, Israelte chuan anmahni pawh an rawn bei mai ang tih an hlau ta hle a.

Pathian chuan Israelte chu Kanaan rama awm eng hnam nên mah inremna thu thlung lo tûrin thu a pe a. Nimahsela, Kanaan rama hnam chi khat, Gibeon an tih te chuan, Joshua chu tihderin Kanaan piah ram hla tak atanga rawn kal angin an insawi a. Anni chuan Joshua hnenah anmahni nên inremna siam tûrin an ngen a. Joshua leh Israelte chuan Pathian hnenah Gibeon mite chu khawilam mi nge an nih tih rêng an zawt lova. Tichuan, Joshua chuan anmahni nên inrêmna a siam ta a.

Israelte chuan Gibeon miten an bum tih an hriatchhuah chuan an thin a rîm a, nimahsela, inremna an siam chu Pathian hmaa thutiam a nih avangin, Israelte chuan an kaltlangpui ta a ni. Engemaw chên hnuah chuan, Kanaan ram a hnam dang, Amorho lalte chuan Gibeon mite chu Israelte nên inrêmna an siam tih an lo hria a, tichuan, an sipaite chu punkhawmin sipai rual lian takah an siam a, Gibeon mîte chu an bei ta a. Gibeon mite chuan Joshua hnênah ṭanpuina ngênna an thawn ta a.

Tichuan, Joshua chuan Israel sipaite chu a kokhawm a, Gibeon mîte awmna thlêng tûrin zankhuain an kal ta a. Zingkâr hma takah Amorhote chu an va ṭhawng ta thut a, an bei ta a.

Chumi ni chuan Pathian chu Israelte lamah ṭangin a dopui a. Amor mite chu a tichiai a, rial nasa tak tlaktîrin, chûngte chuan Amor mi tam tak a denghlum ta a.

Israelten Amor mite an hneh hman ngei theihna tûrin hun an mamawh tawk an neih theihnan Pathianin ni chu vanah a chelh dinsak a. Chumi ni chuan, Pathianin Israelte chu hnehna ropui tak a chantîr ta a ni.

Pathianin chung sipaite chu a hneh hnu chuan, Kanaan hnam tamtak chu Israelte bei tûrin an in punkhawm ta chiam a. Joshua leh Israelte chuan anni chu an bei a, an tihlum ta a.

He indona zawh hnu hian, Pathianin Israel hnam tin te chu Ramtiam a an chanpual tûr ṭheuh ram a pe ta a. Tin, Pathianin Israelte tân an ramchhung hmun tinah muanna a thlentîr ta a.

Joshua a lo tar hnu chuan Israel mipuite chu a kokhawm a. Tin, Joshua chuan Pathianin Sinai tlânga Israelte hnêna a thuthlung chu an zawm ngei tûr a nihzia a hriat nawntîr leh a. Mipuite chuan Pathian laka rinawm tur leh a dante zawm tûrin an intiam a.

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