unfoldingWord 24 - Juan Jesupe y tõ pypyma

Outline: Matthew 3; Mark 1; Luke 3; John 1:15-37

Script Number: 1224

Language: Ache

Audience: General

Genre: Bible Stories & Teac

Purpose: Evangelism; Teaching

Bible Quotation: Paraphrase

Status: Approved

Scripts are basic guidelines for translation and recording into other languages. They should be adapted as necessary to make them understandable and relevant for each different culture and language. Some terms and concepts used may need more explanation or even be replaced or omitted completely.

Script Text

Juan go Sakaria emi Elisabet memby ymambu, go rõ profeta. Go ekõandy rõ ka irõllãpe, idja uty mynga ka pua emi beky. Dja tyru rõ bepurã wachu a’adji djapopyre.

Ache tãrã watama o ka irõllãpe, Juan djawu wenduwã. Go Apã Wachu djawu kiuma gogi wywype, inama: “Wedjapa ga mondo pendje bue buchã djapoty, rypyllãma Apã Wachu chidja llambaty!”

Ache wywy Juan djawu wendubu, tãrã go pua wedjama dja bue buchã djapoty, mudjã gatuwã Apã Wachupe. Gobu Juan ype tõ pypyma gogi wywype. Emi tãrã ymachidjagi Apã Wachu djawu kuatygi ekõma, Juan idjape ype tõ pypywã. Gogi rõ wedja djuellã dja bue buchã djapoty, mudjã gatuwã Apã Wachu kuere rupi.

Juan inama ymachidjagi Apã Wachu djawu kuatygi wywype: “Pendje rõ membo nonga! Wedjapa ga mondo bue buchã, emi djewy kua pendje ape buchãndji. Wyra wywy lla gatullãngi djuapapyrã emi djapipyrã tatape.” Juan rupi wẽma go profeta wywy inawe nonga: “Cho buewerã dje chã ruwa cho djawu meandygi, go mĩwerã ape gatu dje lluawã.”

Tãrãllã Juda pua inama Juandji, gogi mirõrã go Mesia. Juan rõ djawu pepy: “Cho rõ Mesiallã. Gobu rõ ekõwerã etakrã kbe’e cho kuere rupi. Go rõ neina wachu. Cho rõ kbegatullã, idja pychãmbire ichã djurawã.”

Go duwe kreybu, Jesu ekõma, Juan idjape y tõ pypywã. Juan idjape wechãmbu, inama: “Kowegi rõ Apã Wachu wachupurã tay go matãmbawãngi ache wywy bue buchã djapoty.”

Juan inama Jesupe: “Cho rõ kbegatullã, djepe y tõ pypywã. Go endawepe, dje chope y tõ pypy ga mondo.” Jesu rõ inama: “Dje chope y tõ pypywerã. Kbegatu, go nonga djapobu.” Go buare Juan y tõ pypyma idjape, Jesu bue buchã djapollãmbu djepe.

Jesu y tõ pypypabu, emi y puare wẽmbu, Apã Wachu Krei Gatu wẽma bu waruku nonga, edjyma idja llabu. Gobu emi Apã Wachu djawuma ywadji, inama: “Dje rõ cho tay, cho by gatugi. Cho rõ ury gatuma djedji.”

Apã Wachu inama Juanpe: “Cho Krei Gatu edjywerã emi wapywerã etakrã kbe’e llabu, dje ype tõ pypybu. Go kbe’e rõ Apã Wachu Tay.” Etakrã Apã Wachu rõ ĩ. Juan Jesupe ype tõ pypybu, wenduma Apã Wachu djawu, wechãma Apã Wachu Tay, go rõ Jesu, emi wechãma Apã Wachu Krei Gatu.

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