unfoldingWord 43 - Jesu kuere mudjãndygi noãndy wẽma

unfoldingWord 43 - Jesu kuere mudjãndygi noãndy wẽma

Outline: Acts 1:12-14; 2

Script Number: 1243

Language: Ache

Audience: General

Genre: Bible Stories & Teac

Purpose: Evangelism; Teaching

Bible Quotation: Paraphrase

Status: Approved

Scripts are basic guidelines for translation and recording into other languages. They should be adapted as necessary to make them understandable and relevant for each different culture and language. Some terms and concepts used may need more explanation or even be replaced or omitted completely.

Script Text

Jesu obu ywadji, dja kuere mudjãndygi wywy warõ reko Jerusalempe, Jesu inawe nonga gogi wywype. Gope Jesudji kua gatu rekogi wywy noãndy, krandobuãwã.

Ruybu wywy, ipo tapa (50) kreybu ury wachu Pakuadjiwa wachawepe, Judio wywy rekoma duwe krey gatu, pukapyty Pentekote. Go krey Pentekotedjiwape Judio wywy ury gatuty bue ã trigo noãmbyredji. Duwe ekõandy wywy puare tãrã Judio wẽma Jerusalempe, go Pentekotedjiwa ury gatuwã. Go ruybu ury wachu Pentekotedjiwa wẽma etakrã tapa (10) kreybu, Jesu o buare ywadji.

Jesudji kua gatutygi wywy noã rekobu, go tapy dja enda embepa roma wytu chidja pambu wachu nongadji. Gobu bue tata endy nonga ĩmba roma Jesudji kua gatutygi wywy tõ llabu. Go Krei Gatu embepa roma gogi wywype, gobu buã roma, djawuwã duwe djawu wywype.

Go ache wywy Jerusalem pua go bue pambu wachu wendubu, noãma wechãwã bue rõ kowegi. Ache wywy wendubu, manonga Jesudji kua gatutygi wywy kiu reko Apã Wachudjiwa bue gatu wywy, chã opoma. Gogi wywy wenduma bue wywy dja djawueche rupi.

Tãrãllã ache inama Jesu kuere mudjãndygi wywydji, gogi wywy rõ ytata chã watawe mekã. Pedro rõ puãma emi inama gogi wywype: “Wendu cho inawerãngi! Go ache ytata tykullãwe! Go nonga wẽma Apã Wachu inawe nonga go profeta Joel rupi: Krey krãpĩ ruwybu, cho kawowerã cho Krei’i.”

“Kbe’e Israel pua wywy, Jesu rõ etakrã kbe’e tãrã bue wechãllãndy djapoaregi Apã Wachu chidja gatu rupi, pendje wechãwe emi kua gatu nonga. Pendje rõ pychowe idjape wyra wachapyredji!”

“Jesu manombu djepe, Apã Wachu puãma mondo idjape manowe byche puare. Go nonga wẽma profeta djawuwe nonga: Dje wedjallãwerã, dje prawowegi echewe achopawã kuarewepe. Ore wechãma Apã Wachu Jesupe puãwe manowe byche puare.”

“Kowebu Jesupe rapyre ywadji ĩwã Apã Wachu llu rekuaty. Emi Jesu buema mondo go Krei Gatu, idja inawe nonga. Go Krei Gatu djapoma bue wywy, pendje wechãma emi wenduma.”

“Pendje pychowe wyra wachapyredji kowe kbe’e Jesupe! Pendje rõ kua gatu ga mondo, Apã Wachu mima Jesupe ymachidja wachugi emi Mesia!”

Ache wywy Pedro djawu wendubu, okryrallã buchã roma idja djawuwe rupi. Go buare pranduma Pedrope emi Jesu kuere mudjãndygi wywype: “Ore pawe wywy, bue rõ ore djapowerã?”

Pedro djawu pepyma: “Pendje wywy wedja ga mondo bue buchã pendje djapoty wywy, djewy kua Apã Wachu rekuaty, emi y tõ pypy ga mondo Jesukrito bykuapyrepe, Apã Wachu pendjepe kuwẽwã pendje bue buchã djapowedji. Gobu gogi mewerã pendjepe dja Krei Gatu.”

Brewipychã wachu (3.000) ache kua gatuma Pedro djawuwe rupi, gogi wywy kowebu Jesu kuere mudjãndygi. Y tõ pypypapyre emi ĩma Jesu kuere mudjãndygi noãndype Jerusalempe.

Jesu kuere mudjãndygi wywy wendu gatu go apostol wywy kiuwe kreybu wywy, emi noã reko, u reko edji, emi edji krandobuã reko Apã Wachupe. Gogi wywy edji ury gatu reko, pre gatu mema Apã Wachupe, emi bue wywy, dja llapo wywy, rekopa edji. Duwegi wywy djã djawu gatu reko gogi wywydji. Go krey wywype tãrã ache wẽma Jesudji kua gatuwã.

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