unfoldingWord 43 - Kohhran A Inṭan

Outline: Acts 1:12-14; 2

Script Number: 1243

Language: Mizo

Audience: General

Genre: Bible Stories & Teac

Purpose: Evangelism; Teaching

Bible Quotation: Paraphrase

Status: Approved

Scripts are basic guidelines for translation and recording into other languages. They should be adapted as necessary to make them understandable and relevant for each different culture and language. Some terms and concepts used may need more explanation or even be replaced or omitted completely.

Script Text

Isua vana a lawn hnu chuan, zirtîrte chu Isuan ti tur a thu a pek angin Jerusalemah chuan an awm ta a. Chutah chuan ringtute chu ṭawngṭaiin an awmkhawm reng a.

Kumtin, Kalhlen Kut zawh ni 50 naah Judaten ni pawimawh tak Pentecost tia hriat chu an lawm ṭhin a. Pentecost hi Judaten buh thar an lawm hun a ni a. Khawvel pumpuia Judate chu Pentecost lawmho turin Jerusalem an an kal ṭhin a. Hemi kum hian, Isua vân a a lawn hnu chawlhkar khat velah Pentecost hi a lo thleng a ni.

Ringtute an awmkhawm vek laiin, ri thlipui ang chuan an awmna in chu a rawn luah khat ta a. Tin, thil engemaw mei alh ang chu ringtu zawng zawngte lu chungah chuan a rawn inlâr ta a. An zain Thlarau Thianghlimin an khat ta vek a, ṭawng dangtein an lo ṭawng ta a ni.

Jerusalema mite chuan chu thawm chu an hriatin, mipuite chuan thil thleng chu en turin an va kal a. Ringtuten Pathian thiltih ropui an puan an han hriat chuan mahni ṭawng ṭheuhva an hriat avangin mak an ti hle a.

Mi ṭhenkhat chuan zirtîrte chu uain ruiah an puh a. Nimahsela, Petera chu a dingchhuak a, an hnênah, “Ngai rawh u! Heng mite hian uain an rui lo ve. Zawlnei Joela hrilhlawknaa Pathianin, ‘Ni hnuhnungahte chuan ka Thlarau ka leih ang,’ a tih kha a lo thleng ta a nih hi”.

“Israel mite u, in hmuh leh in hriat tawh angin Isua kha Pathian thiltihtheihna hmanga chhinchhiahna ropui leh thilmakte titu kha a ni a. Nimahsela, nangnin in lo khengbet a”.

“Isua chu thi mahsela, Pathianin mitthi zing ata a kaitho leh a. Hei hian hrilhlawknain a sawi, ‘I Mi Thianghlima chu thlanah i ṭawih ral tîr lo vang,’ tih thu kha a lo thleng ta a ni.”

“Isua chu tunah hian Pa Pathian ding lamah chawimawiin a awm ta a. Tin, Isuan a lo tiam tawh ang ngeiin Thlarau Thianghlim chu a rawn tîr ta a ni. Thlarau Thianghlim chuan tûna in hmuh leh in hriatte hi a rawn thlentîr ta a nih hi”.

“He mi, Isua hi in khengbet a. Nimahsela, Pathianin Isua chu Lal leh Messia ni fawmin a siam ta tih lo hre rawh u!” a ti a.

Petera thusawi ngaithlatu mipuite thinlung chu chu a thusawi chuan nasa takin a khawih ta a. Tichuan, Petera leh zirtîr dangte hnênah chuan, “Unaute u, engnge kan tih tak ang?” tiin, an zawt a.

Peteran an hnênah, “Pathianin in sualte a ngaihdamnan sim ula, Isua Krista hmingin baptisma chang ṭheuh rawh u. Tin, anin Thlarau Thianghlim thilpêk a pe bawk ang che u,” a ti a.

Mi 3,000 velin Petera thusawi chu an ring a, Isua zirtîr an lo ni ta a. Baptisma chantîr an ni a, Jerusalem Kohhranah an awm ta a ni.

Zirtîrte chu Tirhkohte zirtîrin inpawlin, chaw ei hovin, ṭawngṭaiin an awm reng a. Pathian fak ho nuam an ti a, an thil neihte chu an inṭawm a. Mi zawng zawng lawmzawngin an awm ṭhin a. Nitin, ringtute chu belhchhahin an awm zel a.

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